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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.9.1 - Installation Guide

Connect and Disconnect from Database

When the Performance Monitor window is opened from within SQL Optimizer, the current SQL Optimizer logon is used.

If you open Performance Monitor window outside of SQL Optimizer, you are prompted to logon to a server. You can disconnect from or reconnect to a server without closing the Performance Monitor window.

To connect to a different server

Click image\B_ConnectDatabase.gif.

To disconnect from a server

Click image\B_DisconnectDatabase.gif.

View connection information

To find out if the server has the necessary parameter settings and your current logon has the necessary privileges needed to run the Performance Monitor, select Database | View Connection Information.

The Connection Information window confirms that your logon has the necessary the privileges to run the Performance Monitor or tells which privileges your logon is lacking under the Privilege Information tab.

Certain Adaptive Server configuration parameters are needed to run the Performance Monitor. The Configuration Information tab in the Connection Information window shows the current settings for these parameters and the parameter values that are necessary. If the current parameter value does not meet the required value, the line for configuration parameter is highlighted in red.


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