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SQL Optimizer for SAP ASE 3.9.1 - Installation Guide

Activity Log

Activity to be logged

The activity log records activities obtained from SQL optimization and query plan retrieval. If neither the SQL optimization nor Query plan generation checkbox is selected, then no activities are recorded in the activity log. By default, both of these checkboxes are unselected.

Information to be logged

To record the SQL text, the query plan information and the abstract plan information, select the desired checkboxes. By default the following information is recorded automatically: login user, OS user, database, all records and/or first record time, and SQL type.


Show warning message when log file size exceeds (Default 5MB, Range = 1 to 500MB)

Use to indicate the maximum size in MB of the activity log file; the default is 5 MB. If the size of the activity log file exceeds the maximum value a warning message displays to inform you of this.

Purge activity log

Use to remove information from the activity log. Select either Whole Log to remove all information or Dated from and specify a date range to remove logs between these dates. Click Purge Now to remove the desired logs.


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