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SQL Optimizer for DB2 LUW 4.3.1 - Release Notes

Right Pane for Analyzers

In the Index Usage Analyzer window, when an Analyzer is selected in the left pane, the following information is displayed in the right pane.

Index Usage Chart (Top right pane)

Displays the total number of indexes in the tables used in all the selected SQL statements and the number of used and unused indexes. Charts the percentage of the indexes that are used by the access plans for the selected SQL statements.

Analysis Information (Bottom right pane)

The detailed information about the Analysis is displayed in the button pages. The buttons for displaying specific information are found at the top of this pane.

Properties button

Displays general information about the analysis, information on the connection used to retrieve the access plans and the SQL statements used in the analysis.

Index Summary button

Displays the indexes that are used by the selected SQL statements in black text and highlights in red the indexes that are not used.

To save a list of all the unused indexes

  1. Right-click and select Save.

  2. In the Save Format window, select Text, HTML, or Excel Convertible (Spreadsheet).

To drop an index

Right-click the line with the index you want to drop and select Drop Index.


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