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Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise 11.7 - Release Notes

Welcome to Spotlight on SQL Server

Spotlight on SQL Server monitors the activity of SQL Server instances. Spotlight displays a visual representation of the status of the databases in your enterprise, enabling you to drill down to graphical flows that illustrate the rate at which data is moving between server components. Icons display the value of key statistics and measurements. A range of visual graphs and tabular grids provide you with detailed information about your SQL Server instance.

The components and dataflows change color to show you the source of any problem. When Spotlight on SQL Server detects a condition that it considers is a potential problem, it not only informs you about it, but advises you what you could look at to diagnose the problem further and suggests corrective actions.

Spotlight on SQL Server seamlessly combines data from several disparate sources into a single user interface. It collects and combines data from Windows performance counters, SQL Server system tables, SQL Server commands and the Windows registry, and presents them in logically related screens.

Note: There are two editions of Spotlight on SQL Server: Enterprise and Standard. This document is only appropriate for Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise. Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise is deploy-able with separate Spotlight Diagnostic Server and multiple Spotlight Clients.

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