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Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise 11.7 - Release Notes

SQL Server


Spotlight displays for the SQL Server connection type

Select SQL Server from Monitored connections to show performance statistics for connections of type SQL Server.

Icon Help Reference Description
Heat map A display of monitored SQL Server connections focusing on those connections with the comparatively larger number and severity of alarms.
Spotlight today A display of SQL Server alarms raised, alarms are organized according to priority.
Alarms by time A display of SQL Server alarms raised, alarms are shown according to their duration and severity.
Alarm log A display of SQL Server alarms raised, alarms are sorted in a tabular format.


Spotlight displays for a single SQL Server connection

Expand the SQL Server connection type from Monitored connections to list SQL Server connections by name.

Click on the connection name to show the SQL Server | Home Page for the connection.

Icon Help Reference Description

SQL Server | Home Page

The Spotlight Home Page highlights obvious bottlenecks and problem areas. Statistics and flows are updated in real time.

SQL Server | Memory Drilldown

Drilldown on memory usage.

SQL Server | SQL Activity Drilldown

Drilldown on current and recent activity.

SQL Server | Wait Statistics Drilldown

Diagnose workload issues by displaying SQL statements that match particular criteria.

SQL Server | Performance Health Drilldown

Drilldown on the performance health of the SQL Server. The Performance Health drilldown is designed to provide a high level view of potential bottlenecks.

SQL Server | Wait Events Drilldown

The Wait Events drilldown is designed to assist in identifying SQL Statements involved with specific waits to the extent that this information is actually available.

SQL Server | High Availability Drilldown

Drilldown on the servers involved in transaction log shipping and database mirroring.

SQL Server | Databases Drilldown

Drilldown on storage information about SQL Servers, databases, file groups, files, tables, indexes, disks, and log files.

SQL Server | Support Services Drilldown

Drilldown on various SQL Server support services.

SQL Server | Configuration Drilldown

Drilldown on various SQL Server configuration options.

SQL Server | Error Log Drilldown

Drilldown on the SQL Server Error Log and the SQL Server Agent Error Log.

SQL Server | Workload Analysis Drilldown

Drilldown on the workload of this SQL Server instance. What work is the database system producing in a given time? What resources are consumed in producing this work?

SQL Server | Tempdb Drilldown

Drilldown on the Tempdb database, its configuration, space usage and possible contention.



Icon Description

Add and delete monitored connections. Change connection properties.

Configure the thresholds and severities that determine when alarms are raised.

Setup actions for Spotlight to take when an alarm is raised. The actions Spotlight can take include running a program and sending an email. Conditions on taking the action can be defined, such as the day of the week, the time of day, the severity of the alarm, the alarm type and the connection type.

Schedule data collections.

Enter the scheduled maintenance times for monitored connections. Spotlight will treat monitored connections as unavailable at the scheduled times, so will not raise alarms or collect data during the outage period.

Configure the filters used to gather SQL Analysis data.

Define the SQL statement that is used to measure response time.

For monitoring connections to SQL Server and Windows servers, create and configure Custom Counters.

Define the SQL error log entries for Spotlight to alarm on.

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