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Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise 11.7 - Release Notes


spotlight_monitored_objects contains data about the SQL Servers and Windows hosts that a Spotlight Diagnostic Server is monitoring. There is one row in this table for each SQL Server or Windows host being monitored by each Spotlight Diagnostic Server.

Column Description


Generated ID.


Name of monitored object (Windows host name or SQL Server Instance Name etc).


A user-friendly interpretation of the encoded name that the Spotlight Diagnostic Server uses to uniquely identify a monitored object. This name is suitable for display on reports or other user-visible outputs.


The monitored_object_id value of another monitored object upon which this one depends, or null if no such dependency exists. For example, a SQL Server database’s parent will be the Windows host upon which it runs.


The technology of this monitored object.


The domain (that is, Spotlight Diagnostic Server) this monitored object belongs to.

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