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Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise 11.7 - Release Notes

Spotlight SQL query scripts

Spotlight SQL query scripts are located in the Spotlight Diagnostic Server installation folder:


To view / change the background and reporting data collection rates, see Configure | Scheduling.

Table 35: Configurable Collections

Collection Name Query Script
Access Methods QS_AccessMethods.sql
Agent Job List QS_AgentJobList.sql
Alert Failures QS_JobAlerts.sql
Blocking QS_Blocking.sql
Bottom 250 dm_exec_query_stats Entries QS_DmExecQueryStats.sql
Bottom 250 SysCacheObjects Entries QS_SysCacheObjects.sql
Buffer Cache Contents QS_BufferCacheContents.sql
Buffer Manager QS_BufferManager.sql
Cache Manager QS_CacheManager.sql
Cluster Summary QS_ClusterInfo.sql
Configuration List QS_Configurations.sql
Custom Counters - SQL Server Not applicable
Database Info QS_DatabaseInfo.sql
Database List QS_Databases.sql
Deadlock Trace Deadlock Trace
Error Log Scan QS_ErrorlogCheck.sql
File Groups QS_FileGroups.sql
Files QS_Files.sql
Full Text Catalog QS_FullTextCatalogs.sql
General Counters QS_Services.sql
General DB Properties QS_DatabaseProperties.sql
General DB Stats QS_GeneralDBStats.sql
Global Variables QS_GlobalVariables.sql
IO Stall QS_IOStall.sql
Latches Locks QS_LatchesLocks.sql
Lock Statistics QS_LockStats.sql
Locks List QS_LocksList.sql
Log Shipping Primaries QS_LogShippingPrimaries.sql
Log Shipping Secondaries QS_LogShippingSecondaries.sql
Long Running SQL QS_LongRunningSQL.sql
Memory Manager QS_MemoryManager.sql
Mirroring QS_Mirroring.sql
Procedure Cache By Type QS_ProcCacheByType.sql
Redundant Indexes QS_AllRedundantIndexes.sql
Response Time By default: “select 1”
Reverse Indexes QS_AllReverseIndexes.sql
Server Properties QS_ServerProperties.sql
Session List QS_ConnectionList.sql
SQL Analysis SQL Analysis Trace
SQL Cluster failover detection In code
SQL CPU Percent Windows query
SQL Index Latch Waits In code
SQL Index Log Waits In code
SQL Index Summary QS_AllIndexesBySize.sql
SQL Mail QS_Services_SQLMail.sql
SQL Server Connections QS_Connections.sql
SQL Table Summary QS_AllTablesBySize.sql
Statistics QS_Statistics.sql
Support Services In code
Tables Missing Clustered Indexes QS_TablesMissingClusteredIndexes.sql
Tables Missing Primary Keys QS_TablesMissingPrimaryKeys.sql
Top 250 dm_exec_query_stats Entries QS_DmExecQueryStats.sql
Top 250 SysCacheObjects Entries QS_SysCacheObjects.sql
Top SQL Statements QS_TopSQLStatements.sql
Virtual File Statistics QS_VirtualFileStats.sql
Wait Statistics QS_WaitStats.sql

Table 36: Non-Configurable Collections

Collection Name Query Script
Adhoc Queries QS_AdhocQueries.sql
Agent Alert List QS_AgentAlertList.sql
Agent Job History QS_JobHistory.sql
Blocking List QS_BlockingList.sql
Check Performance Counters QS_CheckPerformanceCounters.sql
Clear Buffer Cache QS_ClearBufferCache.sql
Clear Proc Cache QS_ClearProcCache.sql
Cluster Control QS_ServiceControl.sql
Cluster List QS_ClusterInfo.sql
Configuration Update QS_Configure.sql
Current Workload QS_CurrentWorkload.sql
Cycle Error Log QS_CycleErrorLog.sql
Decode Wait Resource QS_DecodeWaitResource.sql
Error Log QS_ErrorlogEntries.sql
Error Log List QS_ErrorlogList.sql
File Groups QS_FileGroups
Fragmentation List QS_FragInfo.sql
Index Statistics QS_IndexStats.sql
Index Statistics Update QS_UpdateIndexStats.sql
Indexes QS_IndexesBy%.sql
IndexLatchWaits QS_IndexLatchWaitTimes.sql
IndexLogWaits QS_IndexLogWaitCounts.sql
Log Shipping Monitor History Detail QS_LogShippingMonitorHistoryDetail.sql
Log Shipping Primaries Secondaries QS_LogShippingPrimariesSecondaries.sql
Optimizer Info QS_OptimizerInfo.sql
Procedure Cache Contents QS_ProcCacheContents.sql
Recent Workload QS_TopSQLStatements.sql
Recompiling Queries QS_RecompilingQueries.sql
Service Control QS_ServiceControl.sql
Session Details QS_ConnectionDetails.sql
Session Trace Session Trace
SQL Analysis Aggregation  
Start Job QS_StartJob.sql




Version Information QS_VersionInfo.sql
Xp_msver properties QS_XPMSVerInfo.sql
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