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Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise 11.7 - Release Notes

Spotlight Mobile

Monitor Spotlight connections on a mobile device.

Monitoring features include a heat map, alarms list and alarm details and the ability to snooze and acknowledge alarms.

The Spotlight Mobile app is available for native Windows 8, Windows 8 Phone, iPad, iPhone and android app. For more information see


  1. Create a Spotlight Cloud (Spotlight Essentials) account if you do not already have one. Do this at
  2. Use a Spotlight Client to Configure uploading to Spotlight Cloud.
  3. Download and Install Spotlight Mobile from
  4. Sign in to Spotlight Mobile with your Spotlight Cloud account. If you have many Spotlight Cloud accounts then each can be added to Spotlight Mobile.
  5. You may be given the opportunity to decline to receive push notifications from Spotlight on this mobile device. For information on push notifications, see . For information on the receipt of these push notifications, refer to the Spotlight Mobile User Guide.


Spotlight Diagnostic Server

Data is uploaded from the Spotlight Diagnostic Server to Spotlight Cloud to Spotlight Mobile. Ensure the Spotlight Diagnostic Server has access to the Internet. For more information, see Spotlight services requiring Internet access.

Playback Database

Use a Spotlight Client to configure the Playback Database for the Spotlight Diagnostic Server. Spotlight Mobile cannot be used to configure the Playback Database.

Spotlight Statistics Repository

Use a Spotlight Client to access the Spotlight Statistics Repository. Spotlight Mobile has no access to the Spotlight Statistics Repository.

Monitored connections in the deployment

Use a Spotlight Client to manage the connections monitored by the Spotlight Diagnostic Server. Spotlight Mobile cannot be used to manage Spotlight connections.

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