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Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise 11.7 - Release Notes

Spotlight Collections for SQL Server

The following collections are used for displays (alarms, home page components and drilldowns).


Table 37: Collections - About each alarm

Alarm Collection Name Cfg
Backup Alarms Database List  
Clusters - Failed Over Alarm Not Publicly Visible N
Clusters - File Share Witness inaccessible alarm Cluster List  
Clusters - Node Unavailable Alarm Cluster Summary  
Clusters - Non-Preferred Node Alarm Cluster Summary  
Compiles - Percentage Recompilations Alarm Statistics  
SQL Custom Counters Alarm Custom Counters - SQL Server  
Databases - Data File Group Space Used Alarm


Minimum refresh for this collection is 60 seconds

Databases - Dynamic Data File Group Growths Remaining Alarm  
Databases - Dynamic Log File Growths Remaining Alarm  
Databases - Log File Space Used Alarm  
Databases - Log Flush Wait Time Alarm Database Info  
Databases - SQL I/O Errors Alarm Global Variables  
Databases - Unavailable Alarm Database List  
Error Log - Error Count Alarm Error Log Scan  
I/O Stall Time Alarm IO Stall  
Index Fragmentation Alarm Fragmentation Overview  
Index Fragmentation Status Alarm Fragmentation Overview  
Latch - Total Wait Time Rate Alarm Latches Locks  
LiteSpeed Backup Alarms LiteSpeed Alarm  
Locks - Blocked Processes Alarm Blocking  
Locks - Deadlocks Alarm Deadlock List  
Log Shipping - Primary Backup Job Alarm Log Shipping Primaries  
Log Shipping - Secondary Job Alarm Log Shipping Secondaries  
Log Shipping - Secondary Latency Alarm Log Shipping Secondaries  
Memory - Page Life Expectancy Alarm Buffer Manager  
Mirroring - State Alarm Mirroring  
Mirroring - Unrestored Log Alarm Mirroring  
Mirroring - Unsent Log Alarm Mirroring  
Mirroring - Failed Over Alarm Mirroring Failover Detection  
Missing SQL Performance Counters Alarm (displayed in Spotlight Today) Check Performance Counters N
Network - SQL Server Packets Error Rate Alarm Global Variables  
Services – DTC Service Status (see Services - Service Not Running Alarms) General Counters  
Services – Full Text Search Service (see Services - Service Not Running Alarms) General Counters  
Services - Integration Service Status Alarm (see Services - Service Not Running Alarms) General Counters  
Services - Reporting Service Status Alarm (see Services - Service Not Running Alarms) General Counters  
Services - SQL Mail Status (see Services - SQL Mail Status Alarm / SQL Agent Mail Status Alarm) SQL Mail  
Services – SQL Agent Mail Status (see Services - SQL Mail Status Alarm / SQL Agent Mail Status Alarm) General Counters  
SQL - Long Running SQL alarm Long Running SQL  
Session Details N
SQL Agent - Alerts Alarm

Alert Failures

Minimum refresh for this collection is 60 seconds

SQL Agent - Jobs Failed Alarm Agent Job List  
SQL Agent - Long Running Jobs Alarms Agent Job List  
SQL Agent - Status (see Services - Service Not Running Alarm) General Counters  
SQL Analysis - Aggregation Information Alarm SQL Analysis Aggregation N
SQL Virtual Log Files Count alarm SQL Virtual Log Files Count  
Tempdb Auto Growth Tempdb File Auto Growth  
Tempdb Contention Tempdb Contention  
Tempdb File Location Tempdb File Location  
Tempdb File Size Tempdb File Size  
Tempdb Growth Settings Tempdb Configuration Checks  
Tempdb Number of Files Tempdb Configuration Checks  
Tempdb Version Store Generation Rate Tempdb Performance Counters  
Tempdb Version Store Size Tempdb Space Usage  
User - Connection Count Alarm SQL Server Connections  
User - Logins Per Second Alarm Global Variables  
User - Response Time Alarm Response Time  

Table 38: Collections - SQL Server | Home Page

Home Page Panel Home Page Component Collection Name Cfg
SQL Server | Home Page | Sessions Panel - SQL Server Connections  
SQL Server | Home Page | Processes Panel - SQL Server Connections  
SQL Server | Home Page | Memory Panel - Memory Manager  
Buffer Cache Buffer Manager  
Procedure Cache Cache Manager  
SQL Server | Home Page | Disk Storage Panel Databases, Data Files, Log Files General DB Stats  
Tempdb Nil. Component attached to alarms.  
Max I/O Wait IO Stall  
SQL Server | Home Page | Performance Health Panel   Performance Health  
SQL Server | Home Page | System Panel Version Version Information N

Table 39: Collections - SQL Server

Drilldown Page / Grid / Chart Collection Name Cfg
SQL Server | Memory Drilldown Summary | Memory Areas chart Memory Manager  
Summary | Server Memory chart Memory Manager  
SQL Server | SQL Activity Drilldown Sessions Session List  
Sessions | SQL Session Details N
Sessions| Session Trace Session Trace N
Sessions | Session Locks Locks List  
Summary | Access Methods charts Access Methods  
Summary | CPU Utilization (SQL Server) SQL CPU Percent  
Locks Locks List  
Locks | Locks Types charts Lock Statistics  
Locks | Latches chart Latches Locks  
Blocking Decode Wait Resource N
Blocking Blocking List N
Deadlocks Deadlock List  
I/O by File Virtual File Statistics  
SQL Analysis SQL Analysis  
Custom Counters Custom Counters - SQL Server  
Top SQL Statements Top SQL Statements  
SQL Server | Wait Statistics Drilldown Wait Statistics | Wait Time Trend chart Wait Statistics  
SQL Server | Performance Health Drilldown Rating Performance Health  
Instance Wait Time WaitsByCategory  
I/O Latency Performance Health  
SQL Server | Wait Events Drilldown   Waits Events  
SQL Server | High Availability Drilldown Primaries Log Shipping Primaries  
Secondaries Log Shipping Secondaries  
Primaries/Secondaries | History Log Shipping Monitor History Detail N
Primaries/Secondaries | History Log Shipping Primaries Secondaries N
Database Mirroring Mirroring  
SQL Server | Databases Drilldown Databases Database List  
Databases General DB Properties  
Databases | Summary | Database History charts Database Info  
Databases | File Groups page File Groups  

Databases | Data Files page


Minimum refresh for this collection is 60 seconds

Databases | Transaction Logs page File Groups  

Databases | Log Files page


Minimum refresh for this collection is 60 seconds

Databases | Tables page Tables N
Databases | Indexes page Indexes N
Databases | Indexes | Fragmentation Fragmentation List N
Databases | Indexes | Statistics Index Statistics N
Databases | Indexes | Update Statistics Index Statistics Update N
Databases | LiteSpeed Backups LiteSpeed Activity  
SQL Server | Support Services Drilldown SQL Agent Jobs page Agent Job List  
SQL Agent Jobs | Start Job Start Job N
SQL Agent Jobs | Job History grid Agent Job History N
Service Status page Support Services  
Service Status | Start/Stop Service Control N
SQL Agent Alerts page Agent Alert List N
Cluster Services page Cluster List N
Cluster Services | Take offline / bring online / move group Cluster Control N

DTC page

DTC Information

This is a Windows collection.

Full Text Search page Full Text Catalog  

SQL Server | Configuration Drilldown


Configuration List

Collection performed only once when entering the Configuration drilldown

  Version Information N
Submit update Configuration Update N
SQL Server | Error Log Drilldown Error Log dropdown Error Log List N
SQL Server Error Logs / SQL Agent Error Logs Error Log N
Cycle Cycle Error Log N
SQL Server | Workload Analysis Drilldown   Workload Analysis  
SQL Server | Tempdb Drilldown Tempdb | Configuration Health Tempdb Configuration Checks; Tempdb File Auto Growth; Tempdb File Location  
Tempdb | Usage Tempdb Session Space Usage; Tempdb Space Usage; Tempdb Performance Counters  
Tempdb | Contention Tempdb contention; Tempdb Page Wait Times  

Table 40: Collections - SQL Optimizer

Application Collection Name Gfg
SQL Optimizer Top SQL Statements  
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