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Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise 11.7 - Release Notes

Spotlight Collections for SQL Azure

The following collections are used for displays (alarms, home page components and drilldowns).


  • Background collection schedules (collected when no Spotlight client is displaying that collection) are configurable unless otherwise stated. Collections with Cfg=N are non configurable.
  • Some collections are used for multiple displays (home page components and drilldowns). Modifying a collection schedule may impact more than just one display.
  • To configure the collection schedule, see Configure | Scheduling.
  • Data collected by background collection schedules is stored in the Playback Database.
  • For collections specific to reporting, see Spotlight collections for Reporting and Trending

Table 33: Collections - SQL Azure | Home Page

Home Page Panel Home Page Component Collection Name
Sessions Response Time SQL Azure - Response Time
  Connections SQL Azure - Connections
  Computers SQL Azure - Computers
  Active SQL Azure - Sessions
  Data Flows: Sessions to SQL Processes SQL Azure - Connections
SQL Processes - SQL Azure - Sessions
  Data Flows: SQL Processes to Data Storage SQL Azure - Sessions
Data Storage - SQL Azure - Database Space
System Version SQL Azure - Version

Table 34: Collections - Drilldowns.

Drilldown Page / Grid / Chart Collection Name Cfg
SQL Azure | SQL Activity Drilldown Sessions page SQL Azure - Session List  
  Session Locks SQL Azure - Locks List N
SQL Azure | Databases Drilldown Summary page SQL Azure - Database Space  
  Tables page SQL Azure - Database Tables  
  Indexes page SQL Azure - Database Indexes  
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