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Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise 11.7 - Release Notes

Run a Program Dialog

Configure Spotlight to run a program when an alarm is raised.

To open this dialog

  1. Click Configure | Alarms Actions to open the Configure | Alarm Actions.

  2. Click New to create a new rule. This opens the Alarm Action Dialog.
    1. Give a meaningful name to the rule.
    2. Select the conditions under which the rule will run.
    3. Under actions select Run a program.

The Run a program dialog

Enter the command to run the program at the Command line prompt.

You can include variable values specific to the alarm in the command line. See Alarms - Message Variables for more information. For example you can echo tag values as follows.

Output to file:

echo {{TAG_VALUE #tagname}} >>c:\output.txt

Output to monitor:

MSG /SERVER:<computer name> * "{{TAG_VALUE #tagname}}"

Note: The behavior of the invoked program depends on the nature of the program.

  • It is recommended that you do not invoke a UI-based program in response to the alarm, as the program will run as a service on a remote host.
  • If the program that runs in response to an alarm is still executing when the alarm fires again, subsequent commands to run the program are ignored until that execution finishes.
  • If you attempt to stop the Spotlight on SQL Server whilst a program or command line action is still executing, the Spotlight on SQL Server will wait until that program or command line action has ended before stopping.
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