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Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise 11.7 - Release Notes

How to configure WMI with minimum required user permissions

Spotlight requires authentication to connect to the Windows server and retrieve performance data. There are two ways to do this at Windows Server | Connection Details: use Diagnostic Server credentials or fill in the user and password fields. If you choose to fill in the user and password fields, the account must have the privileges required to retrieve server information, query the registry, and access WMI and performance monitor objects. An account with administrative rights to the Windows server allows this.

In some environments it may not be feasible to connect to the Windows server with an account that is a member of the Administrators group. The following instructions are provided for these environments. Note that there are known issues with this procedure as documented below.

1. Setup permission to read data

2. Grant permissions to get information about services

3. Provide access to the Registry keys used by Spotlight

4. Run Windows Component Services

5. Configure WMI permissions

Following are known issues with configuring WMI with minimum required permissions

Known Issue Description

The OpenSessions collection

The OpenSessions collection sends a list of the open Windows network sessions to your server. The list includes who is connected and from where, how long they have been connected and how many files they have open.

The OpenSessions collection is used in:

  • The | Open Sessions count.
  • The | Sessions page.

Spotlight does not alarm on this data.

The Physical Disk Drive collection

The Physical Disk Drive collection populates the | Disk Summary page. This drilldown contains a list of the physical disks installed on the server. Its data is relatively static as it only changes when disks are added, removed or repartitioned.

Inside of this known issue a Generic Failure error will be returned.

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