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Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise 11.7 - Release Notes

Data display and collection problems - Windows Server connection

Data Display Description

If disk counters are disabled on the monitored Windows Server you may notice the following:

  • The Spotlight home page Disks Panel and Disks Drilldown show no data.
  • Various I/O charts on the SQL I/O Activity tab and Windows Activities drilldowns, and disk graphs on the Databases drilldown show no data.
  • Errors executing "LogicalDisk" or "PagingFile" queries.

To enable disk counters

  1. Open a command line window on the monitored Windows Server.
  2. Type the following at the command prompt: diskperf -y
  3. Restart the Windows Server.

If the Network Drilldown | NBT page is displaying no data, the likely cause is that the appropriate performance counters are not enabled on the monitored Windows server.

To enable the collection of network data

  • Windows Server 2003: Use the Exctrlst utility to ensure the PerfNet counters are active on the Windows Server. Download Exctrlst from the Microsoft Web site (download).
  • Verify at least one network device is using NBT (NetBIOS over TCP/IP). To do this, check the properties of all network connections (in particular, Advanced TCP/IP Settings | WINS) to ensure that the NetBIOS setting is not disabled.
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