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Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise 11.7 - Release Notes

Configure | Diagnostic Server

Configure operations for the Spotlight Diagnostic Server.

Configure the Spotlight Diagnostic Server

Click Configure | Diagnostic Server.

Category Option Description

Connect to a Diagnostic Server

Select a Diagnostic Server

Address the Spotlight Client to a Spotlight Diagnostic Server.

Configure Diagnostic Server

Configure the database maintenance schedule

Enable and configure the Spotlight Diagnostic Server to run maintenance procedures for the Playback Database and Spotlight Statistics Repository.

Configure PagerDuty

Enter PagerDuty account details for the Spotlight Diagnostic Server (required by Configure | Alarm Actions | Alarm Action | Send PagerDuty incident).

Configure the auto-update facility

Enable Auto Update so the Spotlight Diagnostic Server will receive minor updates (scripts and configuration) automatically.

Configure the Diagnostic Server's mail server

Specify the mail server settings for the Spotlight Diagnostic Server to use (required by Configure | Alarm Actions | Alarm Action | Send email to).

Configure the Playback Database

Events and data collected in the recent past by the Spotlight Diagnostic Server are stored in the Playback Database.

Configure the SNMP Trap

Specify SNMP manager details for the Spotlight Diagnostic Server to use (required by Configure | Alarm Actions | Alarm Action | Send SNMP Trap).

Open this screen from the Spotlight Client

The Spotlight Diagnostic Server (optionally) stores data for long term history for reporting and trending in the Spotlight Statistics Repository.

Configure the use of Extended Events

The Spotlight Diagnostic Server (by default) uses Extended Events to collect data from monitored SQL Server instances (SQL Server 2008 and above).

Configure uploading to Spotlight Cloud

Monitor Spotlight connections from the Spotlight web site or Spotlight Mobile. Upload performance data for health check analysis.

Configure Federation of Diagnostic Servers

Federate Diagnostic Servers

Manage a federation of Spotlight Diagnostic Server. A federated system is one where Spotlight Clients monitor connections from multiple Spotlight Diagnostic Server.

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