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Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise 11.7 - Release Notes

Add connections

You can add connections to the views you create. You cannot add connections to the top level view or to the All Connections view.

To add a connection to the current view:

  1. Click Monitor | Enterprise View.

  2. Click Add Connections.

  3. Select the type of connection from the Connections bar to the left.
  4. Select the connections to add. All servers defined on the Spotlight Diagnostic Server are selectable.
  5. To add a connection not on the list:

    To add this... Do this...

    A connection

    1. Click New Server | Add SQL Server.
    2. Complete the Details page. For more information, see Connection Properties | Details.

    Multiple SQL Server connections either via discovery or by importing them from a file

    1. Click New Server | Discover SQL Server instances.
    2. Complete the steps in the wizard.

      The Connection Discovery Wizard locates and displays the SQL Servers on the network you may want Spotlight to monitor. You can also import SQL Servers from a file.

      The new connections are automatically selected in the Select Servers dialog.

      Note: The Discovery Wizard locates and displays the SQL Servers on the network that you may want Spotlight to monitor. If the wizard discovers no instances of SQL Servers on the network, one reason may be that the SQL Server components that enable Spotlight to discover those servers have not been installed.

TIP: To delete a connection from the view, right-click the connection and select Delete.

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