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Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise 11.7 - Management Pack for SCOM User Guide

What's this?

What's this helps you diagnose and resolve an alarm.

Table 87: What's this can be opened from the Alarm log or Spotlight home page.

Alarm log

Right click on the alarm and select What's this?

Spotlight home pages

Right click on the Spotlight home page component in an alarm state and select What's this? The Spotlight home page component is in an alarm state if its color is other than green. The component is colored according to the most urgent severity active on the component at the time.

Table 88: Options available from the What's this page

Icon Title Help Reference Description
Diagnose Connection drilldowns Open the Spotlight drilldown page relevant to diagnosing the (selected) alarm.
Acknowledge Acknowledge Acknowledge the (selected) alarm. This is appropriate for alarms that are configured to require acknowledgment.
Alarm History Alarms by time Show the (selected) alarm in Alarms by time.
Snooze Snooze Temporarily remove the visual alert associated with the (selected) alarm.
Ignore   Configure Spotlight to ignore this alarm and future cases of this alarm. Select the rule by which you want Spotlight to ignore future cases of this alarm: ignore this alarm for the current value or for the current connection. The choices are dependent on the type of alarm. This is a simplified interface for Do not alarm for certain values.
Alarm Settings Configure | Alarms Configure the thresholds and severities that determine when the (selected) alarm is raised.

Note: If more than one alarm is raised on the Spotlight Home Page component, then each alarm and its severity is listed in a grid. The grid is as per the Alarm log. Select an alarm from this grid. When the alarm is selected, help for that alarm is provided under the grid (About each alarm).

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