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Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise 11.7 - Management Pack for SCOM User Guide

SQL Server | Support Services Drilldown

The Support Services drilldown shows you details of the various SQL Server support services.

To see the Support Services drilldown

  1. Select a SQL Server from Monitored connections.
  2. Click Monitor | Support Services.

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To investigate... Look at the...

Jobs that are defined, their current status and the latest execution message

SQL Agent Jobs page

Current and historical status of each SQL Server support service

Service Status page

Defined SQL Server agents alerts

SQL Agent Alerts page

State of your current Microsoft Cluster Server

Cluster Services page

Performance of the Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC)

DTC page

Performance of full-text indexing

Full Text Search page

OLAP services running on your system

OLAP Services page

The OLAP Services page is available only when connected to SQL Server 2000.

TIP: For more information on Spotlight charts and grids see Spotlight charts and Spotlight grids


Note: For information on unknown values or missing values or too many "0" values, see Data display and collection problems - SQL Server connection.

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