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Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise 11.7 - Management Pack for SCOM User Guide

SQL Server | SQL Activity Drilldown

The SQL Activity drilldown provides access to charts and grids that show both current and recent activity details for the SQL Server.

To see the SQL Activity drilldown

  1. Select a SQL Server from Monitored connections.
  2. Click Monitor | SQL Activity.

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To investigate... Look at the...
SQL sessions including session details and locks Sessions page
SQL Server activity Summary page
Locks and requests that are currently occurring on the SQL Server instance Locks page
Current lock conflicts Blocking page


Deadlocks page

This feature is not available for SQL Server 2000.

Current I/O statistics for each SQL Server file I/O by File page
Expensive SQL SQL Analysis page
Custom Counters Custom Counters page

Data collected for any custom counters that have been configured is shown in the chart and grids.


  • The chart shows only those counters that return numeric values.
  • You can see Custom Counter data over a selected time range. See the Custom Counters Report in Spotlight Reporting and Trending for more information.

See also Configure | Custom Counters and Add alarms to custom counters.

Diagnose workload issues by displaying SQL statements that match particular criteria. Top SQL Statements page

Note: This feature is not available for SQL Server 2000.

TIP: For more information on Spotlight charts and grids see Spotlight charts and Spotlight grids


Note: For information on unknown values or missing values or too many "0" values, see Data display and collection problems - SQL Server connection.

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