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Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise 11.7 - Management Pack for SCOM User Guide

Spotlight displays


Table 95: Enterprise wide displays

Icon Ribbon Select Help Reference Description

Monitor | Heat Map

Heat map

The Heat Map organizes connections based on the comparative number and severity of alarms raised against them. The Heat Map answers the question: Which monitored connections require the most urgent attention?

Monitor | Spotlight Today

Spotlight today

Spotlight Today is a display of recent alarms and alarms requiring acknowledgment.

Monitor | Alarms by Time

Alarms by time

Alarms by Time tracks the start time, duration, and severity of logged alarms.

Monitor | Alarm Log

Alarm log

The alarm log is a display of logged alarms.

Monitor | Enterprise View

Enterprise view

Enterprise View is a high-level representation of your SQL Server enterprise.


Table 96: Displays of a single connection

Help Reference Description

Connection drilldowns

Connection drilldowns illustrate detailed performance statistics for a single monitored connection.


Table 97: Historical data

Help Reference Description


The Playback facility allows you to view events and data collected in the recent past on a Connection drilldown or Spotlight Today. Playback time to capture the event or moment in Spotlight as though it was happening in real time.

Reporting and Trending

Generate views and reports to assist with long-term trend analysis and associated reporting.

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