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Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise 11.7 - Management Pack for SCOM User Guide


Use snooze to temporarily remove the visual alert associated with an alarm.


  • Snoozed alarms are not included in the overall severity for a connection.
  • Snoozed alarms are identified by:

  • When snoozing or unsnoozing an alarm there may be a short delay before the snooze or unsnooze takes affect.
  • When viewing historical data (via Playback), Spotlight home page do not show snoozed alarms.
  • Snoozed alarms do not perform any associated Alarm Actions (Configure | Alarm Actions, such as send notification emails).
  • To remove snoozed alarms from the Alarm log, click Hide Snoozed Alarms.

How to snooze (unsnooze) an alarm

An alarm can be snoozed (unsnoozed) from Spotlight today or Spotlight home page.

Spotlight today Spotlight home page

To snooze an alarm, select the alarm and click Snooze alarm.

Click the arrow to the right of Snooze alarm to select how long you want to snooze the alarm for. Select Custom to snooze the alarm until a specific date and time.

To snooze an alarm, right-click the component in an alarm state. Select Snooze Alarm and how long you want to snooze the alarm for.

To customize the snooze duration, select Custom and then specify the date and time that you want the alarm snoozed until.

If the component is showing multiple alarms, select the alarms you want to snooze.

To unsnooze an alarm, select the alarm. Click the arrow to the right of Snooze alarm and select Unsnooze. To unsnooze an alarm, right click the component and select Unsnooze


Mobile: An alarm can be snoozed via Spotlight web site and Spotlight Mobile.

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