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Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise 11.7 - Management Pack for SCOM User Guide

Permissions required during installation

The Windows user installing Spotlight

When installing the Spotlight Diagnostic Server, Windows administrator privileges are required to register the Spotlight Diagnostic Server as a Windows service and to create the Windows user groups that are used to authenticate Spotlight clients.

When installing the Spotlight Diagnostic Server on a remote machine, the Windows account on the Spotlight client must have Windows administrator privileges on the Spotlight Diagnostic Server host. The local computer must be able to authenticate this user.

Elevated privileges

In many cases, the Spotlight installer will run at elevated privileges in order to perform the required actions. These privileges can specifically be allowed or disallowed by system administrators by means of standard Microsoft Installer (MSI) policy settings.

If the Spotlight Diagnostic Server user does not have privileges to start services, that privilege is granted by Spotlight during the installation process, if possible.

Multiple users of a system

If multiple users of a system install Spotlight for use, the additional users must be local administrators.

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