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Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise 11.7 - Management Pack for SCOM User Guide

Heat map

The Heat Map answers the question: Which servers (connections) require the most urgent attention? The Heat Map is a visual display that organizes connections based on the comparative number and severity of their alarms.

The Heat Map is an accurate reflection of the current environment. It refreshes itself automatically when connections are added and removed and when there is a change in the alarm status of the connections. Connections are removed from the heat map when monitoring is disabled and while they are in planned outage.

Your view of monitored connections

Click Monitor | Heat Map from the Spotlight ribbon to show all monitored connections in the Heat Map.

The Heat Map can show a custom view (Custom views) of monitored connections. Click on a custom view or connection type from the Connections pane (Monitored connections) then click Heat Map from the display pane.

Mobile: The Heat map is also available via Spotlight web site and Spotlight Mobile.

About the heat map

Connections with the most alarms raised against them are given the most surface area on the heat map.

Action Description

Hover the mouse over the connection

Show more information:

  • The full name of the connection
  • The connection type (For example: SQL Server, Windows, Analysis Services, SQL Azure)
  • The top 5 alarms currently raised against the connection
  • If there are more than 5 alarms, list the remaining alarm counts of each severity
Click on the connection Open the Spotlight Home Page to the connection. For more information, see Spotlight home page.


Connections are colored according to the most severe current alarm.

Default Color Severity Description
Normal No alarms are raised against this connection.
Information At least one information alarm is raised against this connection. No other alarms are raised.
Low At least one low severity alarm is raised against this connection. No high or medium severity alarms are raised.
Medium At least one medium severity alarm is raised against this connection.No high severity alarms are raised.
High At least one high severity alarm is raised against this connection.


The Heat Map can be configured to be the first page you see when you open the Spotlight Client. For more information, see Spotlight startup location.

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