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Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise 11.7 - Management Pack for SCOM User Guide

Connection drilldowns

Connection drilldowns are displays of the performance statistics for a single monitored connection. Three elements of the display are described in detail:

Display Description

Spotlight home page

The Spotlight home page captures the performance of a monitored connection through flows and components updated in real time to highlight obvious bottlenecks and problem areas.

Spotlight charts

Charts show data as a graphical image.

Spotlight grids

Grids show data in a tabular form. Grids are used in Spotlight drilldowns and views of raised alarms.

Connection type

Connection drilldowns are tailored to the connection type.


Drilldown on a SQL Server Analysis Services connection.

Drilldown on an Availability Group connection.

Drilldown on a Hyper-V server connection.

Drilldown on a SQL Server Replication connection.

Drilldown on a SQL Azure connection.

Drilldown on a SQL Server instance.

Drilldown on a VMware server connection.

Drilldown on a Windows Server connection.

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