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Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise 11.7 - Management Pack for SCOM User Guide

Configure | SQL Analysis | Add Filter

This dialog is opened from Configure | SQL Analysis on request to add a filter. Filters determine what SQL Analysis data is collected from the SQL Server instance. SQL Analysis is used to determine what data is collected and displayed in the SQL Analysis - Workload Report and the SQL Server | SQL Activity Drilldown | SQL Analysis page.

Note: Filtering affects the average, minimum, maximum, and last values displayed in the grid.


Field Description


Connect this filter to the previous filter in the Configure | SQL Analysis list by AND or OR.


Select as appropriate.


Select as appropriate.

When filtering on a string field such as DatabaseName or ApplicationName, use only the "LIKE" and "NOT LIKE" conditions. The other conditions apply only to numeric values.


Select as appropriate.

The percent sign (%) and underscore (_) can be used as wildcards.

Note that wildcard characters in the Database name field when connected to a SQL Server 2000 instance are not supported.

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