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Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise 11.7 - Management Pack for SCOM User Guide

Command - Long Running Command Alarm

Note: This alarm applies to Analysis Services 2008 or later.

The Command - Long Running Command alarm is raised when a command on the Analysis Services server has been running for longer than a specified time. Because this time frame is unique to each environment, the Long Running Command alarm, by default, is not configured.

When the alarm is raised


  1. Click Configure | Alarms

  2. Select an Analysis Services connection to configure. Select Default Settings to apply the configuration to all connections.
  3. Select the alarm Command - Long Running Command.
  4. Select Override the default settings for the alarm "Command - Long Running Command".
  5. Click Add Severity and select a severity.
  6. Select the check box of the new severity.
  7. Copy and paste the text in the Description cell from the Normal severity to the new severity.
  8. In the Start cell, type the duration in seconds, of how long the command should run for before the alarm is raised.


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