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Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise 11.7 - Deployment Guide

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The Spotlight Management Pack for SCOM requires the following:

Table 90: Requirements

Requirement Details


SCOM (System Center Operations Manager) 2012 and above as deployed in your organization.


Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise 11 or later.

Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise 11.1 or later is required to snooze / unsnooze and acknowledge alarms.

In the deployment of Spotlight, consider the following:

  • It is recommended that the Spotlight Diagnostic Server and SCOM Management Server be installed on different host computers.
  • The Spotlight Client is required to configure Spotlight, manage Spotlight connections and configure alarms.
  • The Spotlight Client is not required by SCOM. The SCOM Console and SCOM Management Server communicate directly with the Spotlight Diagnostic Server.

User Privileges

The Windows user(s) running the SCOM Console and SCOM Management Server must be member(s) of the Spotlight Diagnostic Administrators Group for each Spotlight Diagnostic Server. This ensures that a secure connection to the Spotlight Diagnostic Server can be made through Port 40403 and that Spotlight information can be retrieved. For more information on the Spotlight Diagnostic Administrators Group, refer to the Spotlight on SQL Server Deployment Guide.

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