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Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise 11.7 - Deployment Guide

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Launch the Spotlight Client from the SCOM Console

The Spotlight Client is not required by SCOM. However, the Spotlight Client is required to configure Spotlight, manage Spotlight connections and configure alarms. If the Spotlight Client is installed on the same computer as the SCOM Console, then the Spotlight Client can be launched from the SCOM Console.

From the SCOM Console main menu select Tasks | Windows Computer Tasks | Launch Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise.

Alternatively, from the Tasks Pane click Tasks | Windows Computer Tasks | Launch Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise. To open the Tasks Pane, from the SCOM Console main menu click View | Tasks.

Note: The Spotlight Diagnostic Server selected on the SCOM Dashboard has no direct relation to the Spotlight Client launched. A scenario may be to select a Spotlight Diagnostic Server on the SCOM Dashboard then launch Spotlight to investigate further information from this Diagnostic Server. To do this: 1) Launch the Spotlight Client 2) From the Spotlight Client, click Configure | Diagnostic Server to verify/change the Spotlight Diagnostic Server configured to work with this Spotlight Client.

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