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Spotlight on SAP ASE 2.12 - User Guide

Spotlight on SAP ASE
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Understanding the home page

A main feature of Spotlight is its user interface. This interface uses two major window types—home pages and drilldowns—to help you monitor performance on your IBM DB2 for LUW (Linux, Unix, and Windows) databases and database partitions. The home pages enable you to determine the status of your system at a glance, while the drilldowns provide performance details on specific areas of your system, enabling you to pinpoint and resolve problems.

Home page views

The home page is based on the Spotlight connection you are currently monitoring—either a database or a single database partition. This home page view provides a visual representation of the performance—in the form of icons, labels, and data flows—of this system. Throughout your Spotlight session, you can switch between the home pages for the different connections by selecting that connection in the Spotlight browser. Additionally, you can click DB2 Instance icon in the toolbar to monitor a home page at the instance level for the currently selected connection. This home page monitors activity across all databases in the DB2 instance to which the selected database or database partition belongs.

Home page components

The icons on the home page represent components—such as processing agents, areas of memory, data storage areas—in the DB2 database or database partition that you are monitoring.

On the database and partition home pages, related components are also grouped together in panels. These panels are connected to each other by dataflows, which illustrate the rate at which data traffic is moving through the system. The groupings reflect how your database or partition works.

Likewise, on the instance home page, related information is grouped into several panels that show overview and summary data concerning all databases and partitions within the instance.

Spotlight updates the component statistics and flows on all the home pages in real time and uses color and sound to indicate performance bottlenecks.

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