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Spotlight on SAP ASE 2.12 - Release Notes

Page Cleaners component

The Page Cleaners component displays the number of page cleaners defined for the database or partition. Page cleaners write pages asynchronously to disk. In other words, they perform I/O that would otherwise be performed by database agents—and perform this I/O outside of the program-instruction processing. As a result, your applications run faster because transactions are not forced to wait while their data agents write pages to disk. Page cleaners help to ensure free pages in the buffer pool for database agents and to allow faster recovery of the database should a system crash occur.

Required monitor switch


Displayed statistic

At each refresh, Spotlight captures the number of page cleaners defined for the database or partition. This number is based on the NUM_IOCLEANERS database configuration parameter.

Associated drilldown

Click the Page Cleaners component to open the Databases drilldown. This drilldown provides details about database or partition you are monitoring. The Statistics tab on the drilldown is in immediate focus to so you can examine page cleaner statistics in the database or partition.


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