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Spotlight on SAP ASE 2.12 - Release Notes

Monitor Switches panel

Switches panel

The Switches panel on the instance home page displays the status of the monitor switches for the current connection. When the monitor switches are On, information about that activity type (for example UOW) is gathered and presented by Spotlight. If they are Off, no data of that type is gathered. You can use the Connection Manager to edit the settings for these switches on the profile for a connection.  

The following is a list of available switches and the types of data they return:

  • Buffer pool—Number of reads and writes, and the time taken for these reads and writes
  • Lock—Returns Lock waits, timeouts, and deadlocks
  • Sort—Returns the number of sort heaps used, as well as sort performance statistics

    Note: The Buffer pool, Lock, and Sort switches are preselected and cannot be changed. The home pages require data supplied by these switches.

  • Statement—SQL statement start and stop times, as well as statement identification information
  • Unit of Work (uow)—Returns starting and ending times, as well as completion status information
  • Table—Measures the number of table rows read and written
  • Timestamp—Timestamps

DB2 for LUW version 7 users

Caution: There are known issues with monitor switches on IBM DB2 for LUW (Linux, Unix, and Windows) version 7 instances that do not have FixPak 8 or later applied. In some cases, setting monitor switches can cause the instance to crash. If you are not running DB2 for LUW version 7 with FixPak 8 or later applied, contact IBM technical support.


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