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Spotlight on SAP ASE 2.12 - Getting Started Guide

Log Cleans component

The Log Cleans component displays the percentage of page cleaners invoked because the logging space used had reached a predefined limit for the database.

Required monitor switch

Buffer Pool

Displayed statistic

At each refresh, Spotlight captures the percentage of page cleans due to log space shortage and displays it for the Log Cleans component. You can use this percentage to determine whether or not you have enough space for logging and whether or not you need more or larger log files.

The setting for the SOFTMAX database configuration parameter controls log cleans. Page cleaners are triggered if both of the following are true:

  • The oldest page in the buffer pool contains an update described by a log record.

  • This log record is older than the current log position as determined by the SOFTMAX value.

Associated drilldown

Click the Log Cleans component to open the Databases drilldown. This drilldown provides details about database or partition that you are monitoring. The Statistics tab on the drilldown is in immediate focus so you can examine page cleaner statistics in the database or partition.


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