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Spotlight on Oracle 10.5 - Release Notes

New Oracle User

When you create a new Oracle account for use with Spotlight on Oracle, you need to supply a user name and password for that account.

The additional options specified on this page give the Spotlight user greater access to the database. If you want to grant the additional privileges, select the Select any table and Alter system options.

Field Description
User name

Enter a name for the new user. You can type up to 30 characters. The first character of the user name must be a letter.

Note: (Oracle 12c) As per Oracle guidelines, the Spotlight Oracle user needs to be of the form “c##<username>” when connecting to an Oracle 12c Container database.

Password Enter a password for the new user. You can type up to 30 characters.
Confirm password Confirm the password. The password exactly as you typed it in the Password field.
Select any table Select to allow the user to generate explain plans for SQL statements created by other users.
Alter system Select to allow the user to trace and terminate sessions.


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