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Spotlight on Oracle 10.10 - Release Notes

Spotlight on Oracle Tools: Explain Plan, SQL Optimizer, Space Manager

Tool Tool Description
Explain Plan Tools | Explain Plan The Explain Plan allows you to determine the execution plan that Oracle applies to a particular SQL statement. Spotlight on Oracle allows you to view graphical representations of the execution plan for SQL statements being executed by a user, or for those identified by the SQL & Application Workload drilldown.
SQL Optimizer Tools | SQL Optimizer (SQL Tuning) SQL Optimizer (if installed) provides context-sensitive tuning advice for SQL statements based on the Oracle execution plan and the database structure. You must have DBA privileges for the database you are diagnosing.
Space Manager Tools | Space Manager

Space Manager (if installed) provides a comprehensive solution for space management and reorganization. Space Manager offers preventive maintenance, problem detection and resolution, and capacity planning across any number of databases.


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