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Spotlight on Oracle 10.10 - Release Notes

Spotlight on Oracle RAC

Note: Spotlight monitoring of Oracle RAC systems requires additional licensing.

Use Spotlight on Oracle RAC to diagnose Oracle databases on multiple host machines under the Real Application Clusters (RAC) architecture.

When monitoring the behavior of an Oracle RAC cluster, a database administrator needs to know:

  1. How is each of the instances in my cluster performing?
  2. How is the database as a whole performing?
  3. Is my database experiencing cluster-related contention?

To further investigate the behavior of individual database instances within the cluster, the database administrator can use Spotlight on Oracle RAC to launch Spotlight on Oracle on any particular instance within a cluster. Instance Panels

For information on Spotlight on Oracle RAC, see these sections



Connect to Spotlight on Oracle RAC

Create / Modify / Delete connections to Spotlight on Oracle RAC.

Setup Spotlight Users and complete the Oracle User Wizard.

Spotlight on Oracle RAC Home Page The Spotlight home page shows the flow of information and commands between various sub-components and the size and status of internal resources such as processes, disk files and memory structures.
Spotlight on Oracle RAC Alarms

Spotlight alerts you to problems with your system by issuing an alarm. You can configure Spotlight in the level of severity that constitutes an alarm, to disable an alarm, and the actions Spotlight takes on raising the alarm.

Spotlight on Oracle RAC Drilldowns When you have isolated a problem, you can display a drilldown page, whose charts and tables provide a detailed breakdown of the underlying statistics.


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