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Spotlight on Oracle 10.10 - Release Notes

Predictive Diagnostics - View | Options

Predictive Diagnostics - View |

Set options that affect the behavior and display of Predictive Diagnostics.

To open the Spotlight Options window

Click View | Options.

Option Description
Degrading SQL Configuration Specify how far in the future to predict the performance of SQL statements, and choose the metric to determine that future performance.
Degrading SQL Oracle Job

Specify collection parameters for Predictive Diagnostics:

  • When and how often to collect data.
  • How to filter collected data.
  • Set threshold levels when collecting data.
Impending Bottlenecks Oracle Job
Performance Modeling Oracle Job
Impending Bottlenecks Configuration Specify how far into the future to predict the bottlenecks that can affect database throughput and response time.
Performance Modeling Configuration Specify how far in the future to model the performance of the Oracle instance in terms of CPU, memory, and disk I/O.
Predictions General Configuration Specify the confidence level used in predicting the performance of the database, and in predicting the associated use of database resources.


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