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Spotlight on Oracle 10.10 - Release Notes

Performance Modeling Configuration

Use the Performance Modeling Configuration options to:

  • Choose how far to project modeling predictions into the future.
  • Specify the maximum size for the predicted metric displayed.

To set the Performance Modeling Configuration options

  1. Select View | Options.
  2. Click Predictive Diagnostics | Performance Modeling Configuration.
  3. Configure the following options
Option Description
Prediction Time-Spans

Specify how far you want to look into the future.

Note: Because each prediction is based only on the existing raw data, the forecast becomes less accurate the further you look into the future.

Prediction Limits

When the Performance Modeling metric increases at an increasing rate (follows an exponential trend), its value may ultimately grow so large that the prediction becomes meaningless.

Use the Default Performance Modeling prediction Limit Multiplier option to define a realistic upper limit on predicted values. Beyond this point, the predicted growth will be ignored.

By default, the upper limit is set at 100 times the largest actual value observed.


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