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Spotlight on Oracle 10.10 - Release Notes

I Cannot Open a Migrated Connection


Spotlight is unable to open a migrated connection.


When you open a Spotlight connection, you use connection details that are stored in files somewhere on your local computer or (in the case of migrated connections) somewhere on your network.

When Spotlight cannot access those connection details (for example, when the relevant network machine is unavailable), it displays a Spotlight message box that you can use to change the location where connection details are stored. The choices you have are:

Option Description


Click to open the Spotlight Migration wizard to change the location where connection details are stored.


Click to abandon the attempt to open the desired Spotlight connection.


Sometimes the network location that you have been using is only temporarily unavailable. Click to reuse the existing connection details to open a Spotlight connection.

Note: You should not migrate connections to locations that may be offline frequently or for extended periods. You cannot migrate connections that are currently in use or inaccessible.


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