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Spotlight on Oracle 10.10 - Release Notes

Host Panel


The host panel displays the following metrics for the machine that hosts the Oracle database.

Total CPU Usage This spinner represents the total amount of CPU being used. It spins faster as CPU demands increase. Alarms can become current on this component if the total CPU utilization of the system exceeds a threshold (CPU Busy Alarm). Sustained high CPU utilization can adversely affect the performance of the system.
Run Queue The run queue shows the number of tasks waiting for CPU resources. When this number exceeds the number of CPUs, a CPU bottleneck exists.
Virtualization Overhead

The Virtualization Overhead gauge shows the percentage of CPU that is unavailable to this virtual machine because it is being consumed either by other virtual machines or by administration of the virtualization environment on the host. Use this gauge to determine whether the performance of the virtual machine is being degraded due to competition for the CPU from other virtual machines.

In a virtual environment, the physical CPU of a host is shared by virtual machines and the VMware Hypervisor. This means there can be multiple virtual machines wanting to use the physical CPU of the host at the same time. The result is that virtual machines may be ready to run but have to wait to be scheduled on a CPU. VMware calls this “ready time”. The Virtualization Overhead gauge shows the amount of ready time as a percentage of the theoretical maximum CPU available to the virtual machine.

Note: The maximum value displayed is 100% minus the amount of physical CPU that has been reserved (if any) for the virtual machine. CPU reservation is the minimum amount of CPU a virtual machine is guaranteed to receive. If there is a CPU reservation, you can see it on the CPU Utilization chart on the Virtualization drilldown.

For example, if a virtual machine has been assigned 20% CPU reservation, then the maximum value that could be displayed on the Virtualization Overhead gauge is 80%.

Free Physical RAM The available physical RAM. Alarms can become current on this component if available free physical RAM is low (Low Free Physical RAM Alarm).
ESX Repossessed

The ESX Repossessed gauge shows the amount of memory that has been reclaimed from the virtual machine by ESX. When ESX experiences memory pressure, it reclaims memory so that it can be allocated to other virtual machines. This has the potential to affect the performance of the virtual machine, depending on how ESX reclaimed the memory. The Memory Repossessed chart on the Virtualization drilldown shows which method ESX is using to reclaim memory so you can see if your virtual machine is being "starved" of memory and take appropriate action.

NOTE: This gauge is enabled only when the Oracle database is installed in an ESX Virtual environment. (Activity Page (ESX Server))


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