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Spotlight on Oracle 10.10 - Release Notes

Disabled Controls


I have a number of disabled controls on a Spotlight page. Every disabled control has one of these icons associated with it:



To solve the problem, view the Overhead Management page in the Component Properties editor for one of the disabled controls. You should find that the refresh setting for that component has been set to Do not refresh this control. Component Properties - Overhead PageSee the online help for more information.

Background to The Problem

When Spotlight collects data from a system under investigation, it places a load on that system's resources.

Usually, the Spotlight load does not have a significant effect on the performance of the system, but when it does you can use Spotlight's overhead management tools to reduce or eliminate the load. Two factors influence overhead management:

  • The categories of data collected.
  • The refresh rate assigned to each category.

The categories of data collected are defined by the current Spotlight application, and are set by criteria that may include:

  • The kind of data being collected.
  • The load that collecting the data will put on the system.
  • Where the data in the category is to be displayed.
  • The importance of the data.
  • How often the data is needed.

By default, every category is assigned one of the following refresh rates:

  • Always refresh at the foreground rate.
  • Refresh at the default rate.
  • Refresh only while data is displayed on the screen.
  • Do not refresh data in this category.

When you change the refresh rate for the data in a Spotlight control (a component, table or chart), you also change the refresh rate for ALL data in the same category. When you disable the refresh rate for the data in a control, you disable the refresh rate for ALL data in the same category.

A control whose data collection is disabled displays one of the indicated icons:

Icon Description

Data for this control is not available. (Alarms associated with the control are disabled.)

Data for this control is not available. (There are no alarms associated with this control.)


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