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Spotlight on Oracle 10.10 - Release Notes

Degrading SQL Oracle Job

Degrading SQL Oracle Job

Specify the nature of the raw data collected by Predictive Diagnostics. What is displayed in this page depends on the Predictive Diagnostics connection that is in use.

To set Degrading SQL Oracle Job

  1. Click View | Options
  2. Click Predictive Diagnostics | Degrading SQL Oracle Job
  3. Configure the following options:

    Setting Description

    Data Collection Interval

    How often to collect Predictive Diagnostics data.

    Note: If you enter the value 0 (zero), Spotlight will never collect data.

    Data Retention Period

    The period of time that collected data is kept by Predictive Diagnostics. Valid values range from 30 days to 731 days (two years).

    Note: If you enter the value 0, Spotlight will never purge the collected data. This is NOT recommended, however, as it will adversely affect the performance and space usage of Predictive Diagnostics.


    Select Include all users except... or Only include... to exclude or include specific users whose "degrading SQL" statements may affect the future performance of the database.

    Click Select Users to add or remove users from that list.

    Note: The users in the default Only include... list are system users whose actions should not affect the future performance of the database.

    Minimum number of executions...

    This threshold simplifies the analysis by not collecting SQL statement executions that occur too rarely to be significant.

    Minimum number of buffer gets per execution...

    This threshold simplifies the analysis by not collecting SQL statement executions whose load on Oracle resources is not significant.

Note: On a shared Predictive Diagnostics connection…

  • To change Job Options the connected Spotlight user needs to be the owner of the Predictive Diagnostics database objects and the first Spotlight user connected in the session. If you see a message indicating you cannot change job options then ensure all connections currently using these database objects are closed and connect as the Spotlight user that owns the database objects.
  • Changes made to these options are available to other Spotlight users that use the database objects.


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