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Spotlight on Oracle 10.10 - Release Notes

Authorize Spotlight

Spotlight is supplied with a time-limited trial key so you may test the product. When the trial key expires Spotlight reverts to a preview mode, which limits access to the Spotlight home page and one connection at a time. If you select to open a drilldown in preview mode the following message is displayed:

The current license does not allow access to this functionality.

When you enter a valid license key and authorization message in the License Viewer, you are licensed to use Spotlight on Oracle.

To enter a valid license key

While Spotlight is running

  1. Click Help | About Spotlight.
  2. Click license information.
  3. Click Change this license.
  4. Enter the Authorization key.


  • The Windows user that updates the authorization key must have administrator access to the Windows registry and write access to the Console\Licenses folder in the Spotlight installation folder.
  • Make sure you enter the authorization key exactly. The site message is case sensitive. If you enter the authorization key incorrectly, the following message is displayed: Invalid authorization key
  • If Spotlight is in preview mode and the trial period has not expired, check your computer system date is set correctly.


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