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Spotlight on Oracle 10.10 - Getting Started Guide

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Ready To Configure Oracle User

Spotlight is ready to change the Oracle database.

Option Description
Next Click to create / update the Oracle User based on the settings entered in the Oracle User Wizard.
Back Click to return to previous pages in the Oracle User Wizard, to edit the settings.
Cancel Click to close the Oracle User Wizard. No changes will be made.


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The Spotlight user has been configured successfully.

Option Description
Go to Connection Manager

Select to connect to the target database as the user you have just created or setup. Connect to an Oracle Database

Launch {user} after closing

Select to connect to the target database as the user you have just upgraded.


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Configuring Oracle User for Spotlight Dialog

Note: This dialog is applicable to Oracle 11g Release 2 and above.

This dialog will open from Spotlight Browser | All connections or the Connection Details dialog when selecting to monitor an Oracle or Oracle RAC connection, and the setup of the Spotlight User through the Oracle User Wizard is incomplete.

Field Description
Install Objects in my schema

Click to install Spotlight objects in your schema. This automates the running of the Oracle User Wizard up to Predictive Diagnostics Settings if you have DBA privileges. If you do not have DBA privileges you will be prompted for a DBA login.

Configure another user Click to configure another user to connect to this Oracle instance. To complete these steps you require SYS DBA privileges.
Show connection details

Click to view or edit the connection details. Open the Connection Details dialog.

View information about objects installed and privileges required by spotlight Click to open the Spotlight on Oracle Database Objects and Privileges document.


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Toad DBA Suite for Oracle

Note: This section is relevant for systems with the following software installed: Toad DBA Suite for Oracle with Spotlight on Oracle.

To connect to an Oracle database from within Toad

  1. Click the Spotlight button where it appears in Toad.
  2. Spotlight on Oracle opens at the Oracle database connection associated with the Toad for Oracle connection.

The first time you open the Oracle database connection from within Toad

You are required to fill in the Details page with the following additions. Oracle Connection Details

  • The Oracle database and username fields are pre filled in as per the Toad connection. Security requires that you re-enter your Oracle password.
  • The default connection name is Toad followed by the name of the Oracle database. You may choose to replace this with any connection name of your choice. Note that a limitation of the integration of Toad with Spotlight on Oracle is that this is a new Spotlight connection, ignoring all other pre-existing Spotlight connections.
  • You may choose a different Oracle username to connect to Spotlight. For example, in an environment with multiple database administrators there may be a communal username for Spotlight connections. Simply replace the filled in Oracle username with the appropriate Oracle username and password details.
  • You can enter additional parameters to monitor ASM, the operating system and for virtualization.

Using Spotlight on Oracle

  • Spotlight opens at the Home Page or Drilldown relevant to the location in Toad from where Spotlight was opened.
  • You are prompted to create a new Spotlight user if the Oracle username has not been created in Spotlight. Oracle User Wizard
  • This Spotlight connection can be found in the Spotlight Connection Manager. It can be managed the same as any other Spotlight connection. For example, you can close the connection, edit the connection details and re-open the connection in the Spotlight Connection Manager.

Caution: When you click on the Spotlight button in Toad to connect to the Oracle database, a new Spotlight connection to the Oracle database is created, regardless of any pre-existing Spotlight connections to the Oracle database. To avoid the annoyance of setting up Spotlight connections in Spotlight that will be set up identically through Toad later, you may choose to create all connections through Toad if Toad integration is desired.

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