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Spotlight on Oracle 10.10 - Getting Started Guide

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Spotlight on Windows Drilldowns

Once a problem is isolated you can display a drilldown page with charts and tables that provide a detailed breakdown of the underlying statistics.

Drilldown Click to open Keyboard Shortcut Drilldown Pages Description
Processes CTRL+P

Processes Page | Services Page | System Drivers Page

The Processes drilldown lists all processes and services currently running on the Windows system. You can view detailed information about each process.

CPUs CTRL+C CPUs Page | Processing Page | Multiprocessor Page

The CPU tab displays details of recent processor activity as measured by Windows.

Memory CTRL+M Summary Page | Paging Activity Page | Cache Page

The Memory drilldown displays detailed information about recent physical and virtual memory usage.

Disks CTRL+D Logical Disk Activity Page | Physical Disk Activity Page | Logical Disk Space Usage Page | Disk Summary Page | File Sizes Page

The Disks drilldown displays detailed information about the logical and physical disks on the Windows system.

Network CTRL+N Network Page | TCPIP Page | NBT Page | SPX Page | Sessions Page | Shares Page | Open Ports Page | cLAN Gigabit Page

The Network drilldown displays detailed information about the network activity to and from the Windows system.

Activity Summary CTRL+A Activity Summary Page

The Activity Summary drilldown displays summaries of recent Windows activity including, paging and packet rates, CPU usage across all processors, the number of threads waiting to be run, and the number of I/O requests that were queued for each logical disk.

Event Log CTRL+E Event Log Page

The Event Log drilldown shows recent event log items that have occurred on the Windows system.

Single Application CTRL+S Summary Page | CPUs Page | Memory Page | Disks Page

The Single Application drilldown displays detailed information about specified individual processes (or a group of processes) on a Windows system.

Choose the processes you want Spotlight to analyze from View | Options | Data collection | Windows applications metrics.

Alarm Log CTRL+L

Alarm log | Alarms by Time | Spotlight Today

The Alarm Log drilldown displays information on the alarms associated with the Windows system, including the name of the component that issued the alarm, the date and time the alarm was logged, and the severity of the alarm.

Note: The Alarm Log drilldown is common to all Spotlight applications. The alarms are specific to the current Spotlight connection. Spotlight on Windows Alarms


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Troubleshooting: Connection Problems

Troubleshooting Spotlight on Windows

This section identifies general problems that you may encounter when using Spotlight on Windows, and details how to address those problems. If you do not find a solution in this section then check the Release Notes.

Issues Connecting

Issues Monitoring a Windows Machine


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The Registry ... is not accessible.

On connecting to a Windows machine, if Spotlight returns the following error:

The registry on "<<MachineName>>" is not accessible. You need to connect to this machine with an account with privileges to retrieve server information, query the registry, and access performance monitor objects.


Login to the Windows machine using an account with administrative rights.

A login with administrative rights satisfies the requirements of Spotlight on Windows, with the privileges to retrieve server information, query the registry, and access WMI and performance monitor objects.


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