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Spotlight on DB2 6.9.3 - Getting Started Guide

Switches panel

The Switches panel on the instance home page shows the current on/off status for the monitor switches that the DB2 snapshot monitor is using to capture data for the currently highlighted connection (within which you opened the instance home page).

Caution: There are known issues with monitor switches on IBM DB2 for LUW (Linux, Unix, and Windows) version 7 instances that do not have FixPak 8 or later applied. In some cases, setting monitor switches can cause the instance to crash. If you are not running DB2 for LUW version 7 with FixPak 8 or later applied, contact IBM technical support.

The following illustration is an example of the Switches panel.

The switches return the following types of data:

  • Buffer Pool—Number of reads and writes, and the time taken for these reads and writes

  • Lock—Lock waits, timeouts, and deadlocks

  • Sort—Number of sort heaps used, as well as sort performance statistics

Note: The Buffer pool, Lock, and Sort switches are preselected and cannot be changed. The home pages require data supplied by these switches.

  • Statement—SQL statement start and stop times, as well as statement identification information

  • Unit of Work (UOW)—Start and end times for transactions, as well as completion status information for each transaction

  • Table—Number of table rows read and written

  • Timestamp—Timestamps for instance activity


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