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Spotlight on DB2 6.10 - User Guide

Spotlight on IBM DB2 LUW (Linux, Unix, and Windows)
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Spotlight uses metrics, thresholds, and severities to determine the performance statistics of a system. Icons, flows, and labels graphically display this information in the main application window.


A metric is a measurable value resulting from a request made against the target machine. This query runs each time the main application window is refreshed.

The query provides a performance statistic about the system (for example, the number of machines that have at least one server session), and returns a value to Spotlight.


Each metric is divided into thresholds. Some metrics may have only one threshold, while others can have many. A threshold is simply a range of values that can be returned by the metric. A threshold cannot belong to more than one metric.


Each threshold is associated with a severity. The severity determines what action Spotlight is to take when the value returned by a metric falls into the range controlled by a threshold. For example, you may set a severity to display a color, flash the color, emit a sound, or perform an action.

Alarms are attached to severities.

How They Work Together

The following diagram shows an example of the relationship between metrics, thresholds, and severities.

In the previous example, the query (% of users connected) is run against the database, and any values returned can fall into one of three ranges (called thresholds). If the query returned the value 20%, the value would fall into the range covered by Threshold 1.

In this example, Threshold 1 is attached to Severity 2. You can set the colors of the severity via the Spotlight Console Options window (for example, Severity 2 might be set to display in green). The component that the metric belongs to then changes to green whenever that threshold is exceeded.

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