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Spotlight on DB2 6.10 - Release Notes

Client Applications Analysis drilldown WL Activities tab

The following information shows for each activity currently running in the selected application connection. This information is gathered from the Workload Management environment set up for your database.

Note: This information is available for DB2 9.5 and later databases only.


Parent Activity ID

Rows Read (DB2 9.7 and later)

DB Work Class ID

Coord. Partition

Nesting Level

Rows Ret. (DB2 9.7 and later)

Svc. Class Work Action Set ID


Invocation ID

Query Cost Est. (DB2 9.7 and later)

Svc. Class Work Class ID


Routine ID

Direct Reads (DB2 9.7 and later)

Start Time


Utility ID

Direct Writes (DB2 9.7 and later)


Parent UOW ID

Executable ID (DB2 9.7 and later)

Svc. Class ID


Activity ID

Total CPU (DB2 9.7 and later)

DB Work Action Set ID



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