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Spotlight on DB2 6.10 - Getting Started Guide

Server Level

The IBM build and PTF (Program Temporary Fix) levels of the current DB2 server and client. These numbers can be used to determine your fixpak level.

  • Build level—The alphanumeric number not in parentheses is the build level of the DB2 code you are currently using.

  • PTF level—The alphanumeric number in parentheses is the PTF level of the code.

Determining IBM fixpak levels

To check if your system is at the latest fixpak , run the db2level command on both the client and the server where the database resides.

Note: You can execute this command from a DB2 command window. (On Unix or Linux platforms, you would run the command from the login prompt of your instance user ID.) This command will not run in the Command Line Processor ( CLP ).

Once you have determined the fixpak level of your system, go to the following web page to ensure that this is the latest fixpak of DB2. If it is not, you should upgrade.

http:// /support


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