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SharePlex 9.2.6 - Release Notes

Release Notes

SharePlex® 9.2.6

Release Notes

Revision: 11/25/2019


About SharePlex

SharePlex provides high-speed replication from Oracle database to different target databases and messaging containers on major Unix, Linux and Windows operating systems— both on-premises and in the cloud. SharePlex supports a wide variety of configurations to meet different and complex data availability needs.

SharePlex supports reliable Oracle high availability configurations where replication maintains a duplicate database in a different location that is ready for fast, seamless failover and failback in planned or unplanned mode.

You can also use SharePlex to replicate data from Oracle source to maintain a change history database in an Oracle target. Rather than updating or deleting target rows based on the source change, SharePlex inserts a new row on the target for every source change. The result is an archive that reflects the chronological history of every change made to the source database.

SharePlex also includes, at no extra charge, the compare and repair tools that you need to verify the accuracy of a target maintained by replication. These tools not only detect hidden out-of-sync conditions, but they also repair the target to restore parity of your source and target data.

SharePlex value and versatility continues to grow with the requirements and requests of our customers. Although SharePlex is a reliable, relatively low-maintenance solution, our top-rated support team is ready around the clock to help with any trouble you may have. To get you started with your deployment, our professional services team is highly experienced and readily available.

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For expert advice and the latest news about SharePlex, join the SharePlex Community at Take advantage of our forums, blogs, videos, and more from our own experts, as well as input from our customers and partners.

New Features

New Features in this Release

SharePlex has put bug fixes into a cumulative update rollup (denoted by third digit in the version number)—starting with the 9.2.3 release. Customers that require bug fixes which are already available in a patch update rollup will be required to apply that patch release to get the bug fix.

SharePlex 9.2.6

SharePlex 9.2.6 is a patch release and includes resolved issues. See Resolved Issues and Enhancements for a complete list.

SharePlex 9.2.5

SharePlex 9.2.5 is a patch release and includes resolved issues. See Resolved Issues and Enhancements for a complete list.

SharePlex 9.2.4

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Compute Virtual Machine is now supported as a target.

SharePlex 9.2.4 is a patch release and includes resolved issues. See Resolved Issues and Enhancements for a complete list.

SharePlex 9.2.3

SharePlex 9.2.3 is a minor release and includes resolved issues. See Resolved Issues and Enhancements for a complete list.

SharePlex 9.2.1

SharePlex 9.2.1 is a minor release and includes the following new features and enhanced functionality.

Other New Features

Database Support. This release of SharePlex includes support for the following database versions:

  • Oracle 18c. This release includes support for capture from and replication to Oracle 18c.

    Note: SharePlex does not support replication of DML operations on objects compressed using OLTP Compression in Oracle 18c. This limitation applies to objects in the source database.

  • Kafka 1.1.x. This release includes support for replication to a Kafka 1.1.x target.

Operating System Support. This release includes support for SuSE SLES 15.


SharePlex installer packages for Linux/Unix. SharePlex installer packages for Linux/Unix are now database independent. You are no longer required to select an installer package based on the database for which SharePlex will be used (i.e., Oracle or Open Target). To install SharePlex for Oracle or Open Target, simply select the installer package for your operating system.

The SharePlex installer packages now have a slightly different naming convention:


For Oracle Solaris (Sun), the operating system version is included:


SharePlex 9.2

SharePlex 9.2 is a minor release and includes the following new features and enhanced functionality.

New Features for Oracle Source

Oracle UROWID data type. Support has been added for the Oracle UROWID data type. This support applies to Oracle-to-Oracle configurations only.

Support for SCN metadata for HANA target. This release of SharePlex supports posting the Oracle SCN to a column in a HANA target table.

Oracle replication to MySQL 5.7. SharePlex supports replication from an Oracle source to a MySQL 5.7 target on-premises.

Oracle 12c R2 Support

Support for 128-byte table and column names. In Oracle capture, SharePlex now supports table and column names that are up to 128 bytes in length. Please note the following limitations applicable to this release.

  • UDT column names more than 30-bytes in length are not supported.
  • Type names for UDTs and VARRAYS with names more than 30-bytes in length are not supported.
  • IOT names more than 30-bytes in length are not supported.

Other New Features

Support for Windows Server 2016. Support for capture from and replication to databases on Microsoft Windows Server 2016.

Improved Performance in the Post Process.

The following enhancements were made to improve performance of the Post process.

  • Implemented multi-threading for SQL Server and PostgreSQL targets: The Transaction Concurrency component of Post Enhanced Performance has been extended to support SQL Server and PostgreSQL targets. A new parameter, SP_OPX_THREADS, controls this feature. When set to a value of 2 or greater, Post runs with the specified number of threads (concurrent operations).
  • Batch similar operations: To maximize its performance when applying SQL operations to the target, the Post process groups smaller replicated operations into one larger batched operation. Post groups replicated operations when the operations are identical and the SQL is similar. A new parameter, SP_OPX_BATCH_ENABLE, controls this feature and is enabled by default. Another new parameter, SP_OPX_MAX_BATCH_MBYTES, controls the maximum size of the batched DML operation that Post applies to the target. This supports databases, such as Teradata, that have a maximum transaction size and can be used for other purposes where batch size must be changed.

New jobs status database

  • This release includes a new jobs status database. This database resides in the data sub-directory of the SharePlex variable-data directory. The parameter SP_SYS_JOB_HISTORY_SIZE allows you to control the size of this database. Use this parameter to specify the maximum size (in kB) allowed for the database.

Simplified SharePlex Installation Process on Windows

  • When installing on Windows, you are no longer required to specify the Oracle database version or specify whether or not you are installing in a non-Oracle environment.
  • You no longer need to manually change the default setting for Global Resources memory in the MKS Toolkit after you install SharePlex on a Windows system. The setting is now modified automatically during installation.

Data Type Mapping

This release of SharePlex includes a new typemap command, as well as changes to the default data type mappings. Review the following details.

  • Use the typemap show command to display all default data type mappings. Use typemap show source-target to display the mapping for the specified source-target combination, for example oracle-sqlserver. See the SharePlex 9.2 Reference Guide for more information about using the typemap command.
  • Use the typemap command instead of the data type option of the target command. (The data type option of the target command has been discontinued in this release.)
  • For a list of supported data types, see Supported data types: Oracle to Open Targets or .

Other Changes in SharePlex

TLS 1.2 (or later) required for TLS connections. If you intend to use TLS connections in SharePlex, TLS 1.2 or later is required.


Discontinued Features

The following features and support are not included in this release of SharePlex.

Note: For a list of all deprecated parameters and commands, their replacements (if any), and the version of SharePlex in which they were deprecated, see the SharePlex Reference Guide.

  • Beginning with SharePlex 9.2.6, capture from MS SQL Server is no longer supported.
  • Beginning with SharePlex 9.2, support for the following operating systems has been discontinued:
    • HP-UX 11.23 Itanium

    • AIX 5.3 and 6.1
    • Oracle Solaris 9
    • Oracle Linux 4
    • RHEL 4
    • SuSE SLES 10
    • Windows Server 2003
  • Beginning with SharePlex 9.2, support for the following database versions has been discontinued:
    • Oracle 11g R1
    • JMS - IBM MQ version 7.x
  • The data type option of the target command has been deprecated and replaced with the new stand-alone command typemap.

Resolved Issues and Enhancements

The following is a list of issues addressed and enhancements implemented in this release of SharePlex.

SharePlex 9.2.6

Issue ID Description


Resolved capture performance issues when data not ready in log


Fixed post issues with delete-n where some columns contains NULL


Resolved corruption using alter table DDL on long name table


Resolved offset calculation on SecureFiles CLOB with Japanese CharSet


Resolved issue with alter table DDL using dbms_job package


Fixed SP_OPX_REDUCED_KEY=2 using update containing keys and non-keys


Fixed issue with create public synonym


Fixed conversion issues with SJIS Ⅱ symbol


Fixed SQL Server ODBC driver issues using float


Fixed post inserting CLOB with ORA-64204 error


Fixed corruption issues in object cache on tables with UDT


Compare now properly supports configurations that use compound routes


Fixed issue with converting exponential number with some SQL Server ODBC drivers


Fixed conversion issues with UTF16 Chinese


Fixed installation issues as root on Red Hat


Fixed issue replicating insert operation on compressed tables


Resolved issue with parsing SecureFiles LOB where data object ID not extracted


Fixed capture to better handle alter table shrink table


Changed read update of SharePlex marker to once per second

SharePlex 9.2.5

Issue ID Description
SPO-10592 Fixed post failure when executing 'alter index' with a fully-qualified index name for table replicating to a different schema on target. 
SPO-15132 Fixed messages not getting sent when using DML filtering.
SPO-16402 Fixed XML/JSON document types to format null  & empty data as attributes.
SPO-17528 Fixed XML document emitting extra tags for CDC.
SPO-17863 Fixed network issue when using SSL.
SPO-17991 Fixed sp_utils not properly showing port numbers.
SPO-18202 Fixed post error recovery accessing row of a record after insert error.
SPO-18224 Fixed read error when using DML filtering
SPO-18259 Fixed better recovery handling after encountering SSL error.
SPO-18321 Fixed export using SP_SYS_HOSTNAME IP when set
SPO-18419 Enhanced capture performance.
SPO-18487 Fixed post shutdown due to ORA-01458 after upgrade and SQL cache is enabled.
SPO-18501 Fixed automatic detection of UTF16 CLOB data.
SPO-18527 Fixed internal routing data to better handle non-UTF8 characters.
SPO-18617 Fixed parsing of DLOAD record with OLTP.
SPO-18794/4506554 ON CASCADE DELETE constraints are now supported.

SharePlex 9.2.4

Issue ID Description
SPO-16402 Corrected XML messages not properly tagging NULL or EMPTY columns
SPO-17528 Resolved XML messages including extraneous metadata
SPO-17991 Fix Windows 'SharePlex Utilities' not showing correct port number for associated processes
SPO-18321 Fix export not using SP_SYS_HOST_NAME parameter value
SPO-18419 Resolved capture performance issues
SPO-18487 Fix post stopping due to ORA-1458 after upgrading when SQL cache is enabled
SPO-18501 Fix post stopping due to ORA-600 or ORA-64204 when using CLOB caused by incorrect character set parsing

SharePlex 9.2.3

Issue ID Description
SPO-17377 Corrected an issue that caused the Post process to stop with the following error: "ORA-01741: illegal zero-length identifier."
SPO-17384 Corrected an issue in which a DDL transaction (alter table to add partition) was not processed successfully after a database upgrade.
SPO-17507 Resolved an issue which caused the Repair process to fail because the SQLite marker table used in the Compare process was not successfully created.
SPO-17668 Resolved an issue that caused remote Capture to stall when reading online logs and disk_asynch_io was enabled on the remote database.
SPO-17681 Corrected an issue which caused the following error when replicating to JMS: "No such file or directory - bridge.ini."

SharePlex 9.2.1

Issue ID Description
SPO-10567 Improved error-handling and advice for the following errors: SP-OCT01004 and SP-OCT01005.
SPO-10836 Corrected an issue in which having a schema/object DDL filter causes all DDL that has no schema/object name to be filtered.
SPO-11221 Oracle Poster core dumping in Breaklines
SPO-11443 Post Enhanced Performance (PEP) improvement.
SPO-11501 PEP (dependency checking) should skip objects that are disabled
SPO-13894 A description of the copy cache command is now included in the SharePlex 9.2 Reference Guide.
SPO-14638 Allow Comment on Table to pass through as non-recursive DDL
SPO-15088 Corrected an issue in which Capture generated the incorrect Update operation that updates a non-NULL column with NULL value.
SPO-15449 Corrected an issue in which detecting Kafka supported versions fails for SUSE Linux.
SPO-15452 Corrected an issue which caused a core dump when Capture processed autoadd on a table with complex/nested UDT columns.
SPO-15455 Corrected an issue that caused an error in SQL Server to SQL Server replication when the source database uses BIN or BIN2 binary collations.
SPO-15519 When DDL greater than 319K is encountered, discard it and log an error instead of dumping the core.
SPO-15523 Corrected an issue which caused a failure when posting the DDL for a interval-partitioned table created with an unnamed partitioned in create table statement.
SPO-15553 Corrected an issue in which upgrading Oracle from 11.2 to 12.2 caused Capture to erratically drop the replicated tables.
SPO-15685 Corrected an issue in which issuing a non-replicated create sequence with SP_OCT_AUTOADD_SEQ=1 and SP_OCT_REPLICATE_ALL_DDL=0 (default) caused a defunct entry in 9iDDLcache file.
SPO-15856 Improved Processing of CLOBS.
SPO-15937 Corrected an issue involving OCI calls being called on non-ASM RAC is setup without enabling OCI parameter.
SPO-15952 Corrected an issue that caused Poster core dumping in keycache.
SPO-15959 Corrected an issue in which compare SQL statement missing user-provided Oracle partition for the SP hz partition table.
SPO-16076 Corrected an issue that caused an activation error upon reactivating the same configuration after a rename.
SPO-16114 Certain redo-record with compressed data caused Capture to core.
SPO-16161 Capture failed to parse certain redo-records generated from Oracle 12cR2.
SPO-16257 When changing the SharePlex User password using the ora_chpwd utility, the "alter user" privilege is required instead of the DBA role.
SPO-16264 During SharePlex installation on Windows, if the MKS installation fails, the SharePlex installation does not proceed.
SPO-16474 Renaming sets of tables on peer-to-peer setting could cause ODR message to loopback causing failure in Post process.
SPO-16486 Open Target logs invalid WHERE clause column_name = null in sqlerror.log
SPO-16700 Removed the limitation of 8192 bytes for SQL text. The limitation caused a "SQL too large" error message during Capture.

SharePlex 9.2

Issue ID Description
SPO-920 Add reminder: to bounce sp_cop once new key is added
SPO-1208 Enhancement to have double quote around the SharePlex cop service path
SPO-2647 Redo GMT adjustment only works on Linux - provides inaccurate latency any other platform
SPO-3196 Rollback of errors not working
SPO-3198 Prevent unsupported DDL from being transmitted to the open target post
SPO-3267 Enhancement: SharePlex now searches for archive logs in the subdirectories as well as the main directory of the path specified by SP_OCT_ARCH_LOC.
SPO-4592 Suppressed out of sync not being called for deletes
SPO-4643 Poster memory leak in full rollback
SPO-4665 Setting parameter sp_opo_cont_on_err to 2 will instruct poster to treat table errors the same as other errors and stop unless they are in the oramsglist file.
SPO-10305 Show capture detail and "show post detail" should have same LSN
SPO-10337 Enhancement: For a SQL Server capture, "show capture detail" now includes log number, log offset, and timestamp of last transaction processed.
SPO-10441 SQL Server Supportability through Utilization Timers
SPO-10623 SQL Server activation will activate SharePlex tables
SPO-10671 High CPU usage when colcache grows
SPO-10812 Poster won't stop on an ora-00942 error during DDL operation
SPO-10820 Qstatus reports incorrect size
SPO-11102 Enhancement: Added a message to event_log indicating that there is encrypted data in redo.
SPO-11647 Enhancement: Added support for Extended Statistics for Oracle 12c to correct an issue that caused a post error if extended statistics were gathered on source and target table.
SPO-12112 Autoadd of Materialized View created with certain syntax caused capture to core
SPO-12269 Capture did not replicate CreateUser/Gratn/AlterUser DDLs issued using DataPump
SPO-12286 XML varray Out of row dumps core and varray replication results in bad data (extra characters appended to values) in XML file.
SPO-12322 Suppressed out of sync core dumps - probably when update has empty columns
SPO-12404 Added restart logic for Kafka based on error
SPO-12407 Oracle Poster core dumping in PEP
SPO-12442 QMI (Array insert) on tales with ROW-DEPENDENCIES on Oracle 12cR2 failed
SPO-12578 Compare numeric partition/subpartition name failed
SPO-12602 Advice message wrong for SP_OPO_STOP_ON_DDL_ERR
SPO-12887 OT skip continue negative error number does not work
SPO-12924 ORA-22053 converting$.property to 64 bit integer
SPO-13034 Missing ' in sql error file for '|| string data
SPO-13055 Compare fails with table name that includes Japanese characters.
SPO-13080 Poster to use default ddl schema for create synonym
SPO-13177 Minimize 2 pass with horizontal partitioning enabled
SPO-13198 Factor in possible 0 value for min sequence# in min query to prevent core capture
SPO-13337 Post fails applying varray od SDO_GEOMETRY
SPO-13385 Multi-OCI mode failure on HP-UX IA64 platform. Added LogParallelism debug to track Out-Of-Order records.
SPO-13534 On Windows, "show statusdb detail" command causes sp_ctrl to exit.
SPO-13556 Improved compare performance when the source and target character sets are different.
SPO-13596 The Poster core dumps when connecting to Postgres with SSL.
SPO-13622 Improved performance of CDC (in change-history environment)
SPO-13673 Poster core dump in batch of update on a table with many columns (over 500)
SPO-13829 Enhancement: Enhance manner used to save reader's ccache to reduce memory usage and physical size.
SPO-13872 Enhancement to truncate tranx file assuming only 1 open transaction based on class/slot.
SPO-14050 Addressed issue of missing DDLs in DDL log.
SPO-14058 Simplified installing SharePlex on Windows: When installing on a Windows platform, you are no longer required to specify Oracle version or whether or not it is a non-Oracle installation.
SPO-14059 You no longer need to change the default setting for Global Resources memory in the MKS Toolkit after you install SharePlex on a Windows system. The setting is now modified automatically during installation.
SPO-14060 When you uninstall SharePlex software in a Windows environment, MKS Toolkit and NuTCRACKER are now removed automatically.
SPO-14124 Corrected an issue that caused a "no such file" or "directory rename failed" error when there are multiple imports.
SPO-14184 Compare/Repair hangs while waiting for lower case lock file when ora_setup is using lower case tns alias.
SPO-14196 Corrected an issue that caused the following Oracle error: ORA-01740 missing double quote in identifier.
SPO-14207 Address issue with Oracle error 942 when rename causes reader to query tables before the rename
SPO-14401 Import should exit when the connection fails
SPO-14437 A particular sequence of operations in IOT caused capture to generate a ''10651 - op ID failed'' message in the event_log.
SPO-14541 Allow custom "FROM" in sp_nt_mon
SPO-14585 Replication to Kafka with JSON without quotes for numeric data type
SPO-14744 Capture intermittently generates ODR message for Drop Sequence DDL with a bad SQL option
SPO-14768 Fixed licensing for empty HostID on Windows
SPO-14779 In a peer-to-peer environment, after Drop/Create Sequence was issued on source host, issuing 'show config' command resulted in a mismatch between hosts.
SPO-14785 Ensure debug in key cache is only logged if debug is set.
SPO-14898 Discard messages which need complete keys if debug setting is set.
SPO-14901 In the SharePlex Reference Guide, the compare command option nolock has been removed and replaced by the correct options: nolocksource | nolocktarget | nolockboth.
SPO-14918 Improve the performance when a transaction has a lot of rollbacks
SPO-14932 Handle Oracle error 2396, IDLE time exceeded
SPO-15057 Sybase issue with number in exponent format such as 8330e-2
SPO-15132 Address issue with ccache corruption with DML filters. Regressed from ccache size fix.
SPO-15210 Compare is slow over WAN
SPO-15243 Allow the user in connections.yaml to be changed via the connection command in sp_ctrl
SPO-15280 SCN is zero on CDC update after record
SPO-15340 Unchanged column with non-NULL default value could be updated to NULL value.
SPO-15462 Resolved an issue that caused Compare to run longer in 9.1.3 over 8.6.3
SPO-15597 Cop does not load all auto-open wallets when there are multiple datastores with auto-open mode in connection.yaml file.
SPO-15600 Poster core dump on horizontal partition table insertN
SPO-15782 Resolved an issue which caused object cache break up to be forwarded with a hardcoded size of 1000 bytes.
SPO-15817 Corrected an issue which resulted in missing or incorrect Change History data.
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