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SharePlex 9.2.5 - Installation and Setup for Oracle on RDS

Set up replication from Oracle to a different target type



About these instructions

This chapter contains instructions for configuring SharePlex to replicate from Oracle to a different type of target. This is known as heterogeneous replication.

These instructions highlight specific tasks that are pertinent to the flow of data between source and target. Refer to other topics in the SharePlex documentation as needed to complete the configuration, deploy any optional features that apply, and monitor and maintain the environment.

For additional information, see:

  • For the SharePlex-supported datastores, data types and operations that are supported by SharePlex, see the "System Requirements — Oracle Capture" section of the SharePlex Release Notes.
  • For additional configuration options, activation steps, and monitoring information, see the SharePlex Administration Guide.
  • For reference documentation on SharePlex commands, parameters and utilities, see the SharePlex Reference Guide.
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