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SharePlex 9.2.3 - Upgrade Guide for SQL Server Source

Resolved Issues and Enhancements

The following is a list of issues addressed and enhancements implemented in this release of SharePlex.

SharePlex 9.2.3

Issue ID Description
SPO-17377 Corrected an issue that caused the Post process to stop with the following error: "ORA-01741: illegal zero-length identifier."
SPO-17384 Corrected an issue in which a DDL transaction (alter table to add partition) was not processed successfully after a database upgrade.
SPO-17507 Resolved an issue which caused the Repair process to fail because the SQLite marker table used in the Compare process was not successfully created.
SPO-17668 Resolved an issue that caused remote Capture to stall when reading online logs and disk_asynch_io was enabled on the remote database.
SPO-17681 Corrected an issue which caused the following error when replicating to JMS: "No such file or directory - bridge.ini."

SharePlex 9.2.1

Issue ID Description
SPO-10567 Improved error-handling and advice for the following errors: SP-OCT01004 and SP-OCT01005.
SPO-10836 Corrected an issue in which having a schema/object DDL filter causes all DDL that has no schema/object name to be filtered.
SPO-11221 Oracle Poster core dumping in Breaklines
SPO-11443 Post Enhanced Performance (PEP) improvement.
SPO-11501 PEP (dependency checking) should skip objects that are disabled
SPO-13894 A description of the copy cache command is now included in the SharePlex 9.2 Reference Guide.
SPO-14638 Allow Comment on Table to pass through as non-recursive DDL
SPO-15088 Corrected an issue in which Capture generated the incorrect Update operation that updates a non-NULL column with NULL value.
SPO-15449 Corrected an issue in which detecting Kafka supported versions fails for SUSE Linux.
SPO-15452 Corrected an issue which caused a core dump when Capture processed autoadd on a table with complex/nested UDT columns.
SPO-15455 Corrected an issue that caused an error in SQL Server to SQL Server replication when the source database uses BIN or BIN2 binary collations.
SPO-15519 When DDL greater than 319K is encountered, discard it and log an error instead of dumping the core.
SPO-15523 Corrected an issue which caused a failure when posting the DDL for a interval-partitioned table created with an unnamed partitioned in create table statement.
SPO-15553 Corrected an issue in which upgrading Oracle from 11.2 to 12.2 caused Capture to erratically drop the replicated tables.
SPO-15685 Corrected an issue in which issuing a non-replicated create sequence with SP_OCT_AUTOADD_SEQ=1 and SP_OCT_REPLICATE_ALL_DDL=0 (default) caused a defunct entry in 9iDDLcache file.
SPO-15856 Improved Processing of CLOBS.
SPO-15937 Corrected an issue involving OCI calls being called on non-ASM RAC is setup without enabling OCI parameter.
SPO-15952 Corrected an issue that caused Poster core dumping in keycache.
SPO-15959 Corrected an issue in which compare SQL statement missing user-provided Oracle partition for the SP hz partition table.
SPO-16076 Corrected an issue that caused an activation error upon reactivating the same configuration after a rename.
SPO-16114 Certain redo-record with compressed data caused Capture to core.
SPO-16161 Capture failed to parse certain redo-records generated from Oracle 12cR2.
SPO-16257 When changing the SharePlex User password using the ora_chpwd utility, the "alter user" privilege is required instead of the DBA role.
SPO-16264 During SharePlex installation on Windows, if the MKS installation fails, the SharePlex installation does not proceed.
SPO-16474 Renaming sets of tables on peer-to-peer setting could cause ODR message to loopback causing failure in Post process.
SPO-16486 Open Target logs invalid WHERE clause column_name = null in sqlerror.log
SPO-16700 Removed the limitation of 8192 bytes for SQL text. The limitation caused a "SQL too large" error message during Capture.

SharePlex 9.2

Issue ID Description
SPO-920 Add reminder: to bounce sp_cop once new key is added
SPO-1208 Enhancement to have double quote around the SharePlex cop service path
SPO-2647 Redo GMT adjustment only works on Linux - provides inaccurate latency any other platform
SPO-3196 Rollback of errors not working
SPO-3198 Prevent unsupported DDL from being transmitted to the open target post
SPO-3267 Enhancement: SharePlex now searches for archive logs in the subdirectories as well as the main directory of the path specified by SP_OCT_ARCH_LOC.
SPO-4592 Suppressed out of sync not being called for deletes
SPO-4643 Poster memory leak in full rollback
SPO-4665 Setting parameter sp_opo_cont_on_err to 2 will instruct poster to treat table errors the same as other errors and stop unless they are in the oramsglist file.
SPO-10305 Show capture detail and "show post detail" should have same LSN
SPO-10337 Enhancement: For a SQL Server capture, "show capture detail" now includes log number, log offset, and timestamp of last transaction processed.
SPO-10441 SQL Server Supportability through Utilization Timers
SPO-10623 SQL Server activation will activate SharePlex tables
SPO-10671 High CPU usage when colcache grows
SPO-10812 Poster won't stop on an ora-00942 error during DDL operation
SPO-10820 Qstatus reports incorrect size
SPO-11102 Enhancement: Added a message to event_log indicating that there is encrypted data in redo.
SPO-11647 Enhancement: Added support for Extended Statistics for Oracle 12c to correct an issue that caused a post error if extended statistics were gathered on source and target table.
SPO-12112 Autoadd of Materialized View created with certain syntax caused capture to core
SPO-12269 Capture did not replicate CreateUser/Gratn/AlterUser DDLs issued using DataPump
SPO-12286 XML varray Out of row dumps core and varray replication results in bad data (extra characters appended to values) in XML file.
SPO-12322 Suppressed out of sync core dumps - probably when update has empty columns
SPO-12404 Added restart logic for Kafka based on error
SPO-12407 Oracle Poster core dumping in PEP
SPO-12442 QMI (Array insert) on tales with ROW-DEPENDENCIES on Oracle 12cR2 failed
SPO-12578 Compare numeric partition/subpartition name failed
SPO-12602 Advice message wrong for SP_OPO_STOP_ON_DDL_ERR
SPO-12887 OT skip continue negative error number does not work
SPO-12924 ORA-22053 converting$.property to 64 bit integer
SPO-13034 Missing ' in sql error file for '|| string data
SPO-13055 Compare fails with table name that includes Japanese characters.
SPO-13080 Poster to use default ddl schema for create synonym
SPO-13177 Minimize 2 pass with horizontal partitioning enabled
SPO-13198 Factor in possible 0 value for min sequence# in min query to prevent core capture
SPO-13337 Post fails applying varray od SDO_GEOMETRY
SPO-13385 Multi-OCI mode failure on HP-UX IA64 platform. Added LogParallelism debug to track Out-Of-Order records.
SPO-13534 On Windows, "show statusdb detail" command causes sp_ctrl to exit.
SPO-13556 Improved compare performance when the source and target character sets are different.
SPO-13596 The Poster core dumps when connecting to Postgres with SSL.
SPO-13622 Improved performance of CDC (in change-history environment)
SPO-13673 Poster core dump in batch of update on a table with many columns (over 500)
SPO-13829 Enhancement: Enhance manner used to save reader's ccache to reduce memory usage and physical size.
SPO-13872 Enhancement to truncate tranx file assuming only 1 open transaction based on class/slot.
SPO-14050 Addressed issue of missing DDLs in DDL log.
SPO-14058 Simplified installing SharePlex on Windows: When installing on a Windows platform, you are no longer required to specify Oracle version or whether or not it is a non-Oracle installation.
SPO-14059 You no longer need to change the default setting for Global Resources memory in the MKS Toolkit after you install SharePlex on a Windows system. The setting is now modified automatically during installation.
SPO-14060 When you uninstall SharePlex software in a Windows environment, MKS Toolkit and NuTCRACKER are now removed automatically.
SPO-14124 Corrected an issue that caused a "no such file" or "directory rename failed" error when there are multiple imports.
SPO-14184 Compare/Repair hangs while waiting for lower case lock file when ora_setup is using lower case tns alias.
SPO-14196 Corrected an issue that caused the following Oracle error: ORA-01740 missing double quote in identifier.
SPO-14207 Address issue with Oracle error 942 when rename causes reader to query tables before the rename
SPO-14401 Import should exit when the connection fails
SPO-14437 A particular sequence of operations in IOT caused capture to generate a ''10651 - op ID failed'' message in the event_log.
SPO-14541 Allow custom "FROM" in sp_nt_mon
SPO-14585 Replication to Kafka with JSON without quotes for numeric data type
SPO-14744 Capture intermittently generates ODR message for Drop Sequence DDL with a bad SQL option
SPO-14768 Fixed licensing for empty HostID on Windows
SPO-14779 In a peer-to-peer environment, after Drop/Create Sequence was issued on source host, issuing 'show config' command resulted in a mismatch between hosts.
SPO-14785 Ensure debug in key cache is only logged if debug is set.
SPO-14898 Discard messages which need complete keys if debug setting is set.
SPO-14901 In the SharePlex Reference Guide, the compare command option nolock has been removed and replaced by the correct options: nolocksource | nolocktarget | nolockboth.
SPO-14918 Improve the performance when a transaction has a lot of rollbacks
SPO-14932 Handle Oracle error 2396, IDLE time exceeded
SPO-15057 Sybase issue with number in exponent format such as 8330e-2
SPO-15132 Address issue with ccache corruption with DML filters. Regressed from ccache size fix.
SPO-15210 Compare is slow over WAN
SPO-15243 Allow the user in connections.yaml to be changed via the connection command in sp_ctrl
SPO-15280 SCN is zero on CDC update after record
SPO-15340 Unchanged column with non-NULL default value could be updated to NULL value.
SPO-15462 Resolved an issue that caused Compare to run longer in 9.1.3 over 8.6.3
SPO-15597 Cop does not load all auto-open wallets when there are multiple datastores with auto-open mode in connection.yaml file.
SPO-15600 Poster core dump on horizontal partition table insertN
SPO-15782 Resolved an issue which caused object cache break up to be forwarded with a hardcoded size of 1000 bytes.
SPO-15817 Corrected an issue which resulted in missing or incorrect Change History data.
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